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JERA's remote monitoring services are provided by our experts, who possess extensive knowledge about various types of equipment. We utilize IoT technologies to analyze data with the goal of detecting anomalies at its early stages and monitoring thermal efficiency in real time. Our unique experience and know-how related to operation and maintenance of various power generation facilities allow us to create comprehensive proposals that include cause determination and implementation of countermeasures. That is how we create high added-value services.

List of Remote Monitoring Services

List of Remote Monitoring Services

  • Anomaly detection
  • Thermal efficiency management

1. Anomaly detection

When conventional failure detection systems issued alarms according to the fixed upper and lower limit values, there were too many parameters that needed to be monitored, which is why operators found it difficult to spot anomalies.
Anomaly detection systems, on the other hand, memorize normal operation data and compare the expected values calculated according to models to the actual measured values in order to detect anomalies (abnormal states). These systems detect anomalies at an early stage in real time. We build models that detects automatically.
These services have enabled us to reduce failure-related shutdowns by 10 to 20%, which was achieved by detecting anomalies at an early stage, determining the causes, and implementing countermeasures.

Anomaly detection

2. Thermal efficiency management

Thermal efficiency management visualizes any disparities between the current and target values (i.e. original values) in real time. This allows us to quickly detect parts with deteriorating performance and reduce fuel losses to keep minimum. These analyses simulate the heat balance of a particular unit (the heat entering and exiting each equipment) with a high level of precision, which enables us to find the most effective method for restoring thermal efficiency.
By providing our services to improve thermal efficiency, we have succeeded in reducing fuel costs by 700,000 USd per unit on a yearly basis.

Thermal efficiency management

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