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Complementarity between Renewable Energy and Zero CO2 Emission Thermal Power Generation

JERA will achieve Zero CO2 emissions through a combination of renewable energy and zero CO2 emission thermal power generation. The adoption of renewable energy is supported by thermal power generation capable of generating electricity regardless of natural conditions. JERA will promote the adoption of greener fuels and pursue thermal power that does not emit CO2 during power generation.


Establishment of Roadmaps Suitable for Each Country and Region

Zero CO2 emissions will be achieved by establishing roadmaps that show optimal solutions for each country and region. Since the energy situation is different for each country and region-such as the presence of regional transmission lines or pipelines and the types of renewable energy that could be adopted-JERA will work with stakeholders on a country and regional basis to establish roadmaps. We have developed a roadmap for our business in Japan and will extend this approach to other countries and regions.


Smart Transition

Zero CO2 emissions will be achieved through a combination of technologies that are available and reliable at the time adoption decisions are made, lowering technical risk and smoothing the transition to a green society.

JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 Roadmap for its Business in JapanJERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 Roadmap for its Business in Japan

Updated in May 2022

This roadmap will be gradually developed in greater detail based on relevant conditions such as govemment policies.JERA will revise the roadmap when relevant conditions change significantly.

 The use of CO2 free LNG is also being considered.

Development of Renewable Energy Launch of JERA Nex, Global Renewables Business

JERA Environmental Target 2030JERA Environmental Target 2030

JERA is actively working to reduce CO2 emissions. In its domestic operations, JERA will achieve the following by FY2030:

"JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 Roadmap for its Business in Japan" and "JERA Environmental Target 2030 for its Business in Japan" are premised on steady advances in decarbonization technology, economic rationality, and consistency with government policy. JERA is developing its own decarbonization technologies and taking the initiative to ensure economic rationality.

Shut down all inefficient (supercritical or less) coal power plants and conduct demonstration tests of mixed combustion with ammonia at high-efficiency (ultra- supercritical) coal power plants.

Promote the development of renewable energy centered on offshore wind power projects and work to further improve the efficiency of LNG thermal power generation.

Reduce carbon emission intensity of thermal power plants by 20% based on the long-term energy supply-demand outlook for FY 2030 as set by the government.

JERA Environmental Target 2035JERA Environmental Target 2035

JERA aims to reduce CO2 emissions from domestic operarions by at least 60%

"JERA Environmental Target 2035" is premised on consistency with policy and on the business environment under which it will be realized.

Given the expanded adoption of renewable energy based on the national government's 2050 carbon neutral policy, JERA will strive to develop and adopt renewable energy in Japan.

JERA will work to reduce carbon emission intensity from thermal power generation by promoting hydrogen and ammonia co-firing.

Leveraging the Strengths of the Entire Value ChainLeveraging the Strengths of the Entire Value Chain

Promoting and Expanding Green Fuels by Leveraging the Strengths of the Entire Value Chain
Together with many partners, JERA has established a full value chain-from power generation to gas field development, liquefaction, and fuel transport and storage-to realize stable and economical procurement of LNG. We will apply this concept of full value chain utilization to hydrogen and ammonia to drive the promotion and expansion of green fuels.

  • Upstream・Renewable energy development

    Upstream・Renewable energy development

  • Production


  • Transportation


  • Trading


  • Power generation

    Power generation

Projects to achive the Entire Value ChainProjects to achive the Entire Value Chain

  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia+Hydrogen
  • CSS, etc.

Conclusion of a Basic Agreement with Yamanashi Prefecture on Building the Hydrogen Energy Society of the Future

・ Yamanashi Prefecture and JERA have decided to jointly promote building a regional hydrogen value chain that achieves the stable, cost-effective production and supply of both carbon-free power and hydrogen-based fuel by combining their respective strengths: Yamanashi Prefecture’s P2G system-based regional energy model and JERA’s global green hydrogen value chain.

Efforts to Eliminate CO2 Emissions from Power Consumption at Toho Studios

・ Toho Co., Ltd. (“Toho”) and JERA have concluded a basic agreement as part of their efforts to eliminate CO2 emissions from power consumption at Toho Studios.

・ Toho and JERA have agreed, as part of their efforts to eliminate CO2 emissions from power consumption at Toho Studios, to gradually introduce 24/7 carbon-free energy*1 at Toho Studios beginning in fiscal 2024.

*1 24/7 carbon-free energy is electric power that emits no CO2 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Joint Study with NYK Line and Resonac Aimed at Achieving the World’s First-Ever Supply of Fuel Ammonia to Ships

・ Concluded a joint study agreement with NYK Line and Resonac aimed at achieving the world’s first-ever supply of fuel ammonia to ships.

・ The agreement provides for a joint study by the three companies aimed at achieving the supply of fuel ammonia to a tugboat with a domestically produced ammonia-fueled engine being researched and developed by NYK Line.
Specific areas for joint study:

・ Establishment of safe operational methods for supplying fuel ammonia

・ Development of systems for transporting fuel ammonia to port areas and receiving it there

・ Engagement with related organizations to formulate rules regarding the supply of marine fuel ammonia

Utilization of fuel ammonia at JERA’s Hekinan Thermal Power Station

・ Japan's largest coal-fired power plant in Hekinan, Aichi

・ The objective of this Project is to develop a new ammonia burner and to install it at Hekinan Thermal Power Station Unit 4 or Unit 5 in order to raise the ammonia converting rate to at least 50%.

・ JERA and IHI have a plan to usage plan to usage 20% fuel ammonia at Unit 4 of the power station in FY2023 under NEDO grant program


JERA and IHI Start a Demonstration Project of Technology to Increase the Ammonia Co-firing Rate at Hekinan Thermal Power Station

JERA and IHI Move Up the Start of Large-Volume Co-firing of Fuel Ammonia in the Demonstration Project at Hekinan Thermal Power Station

Utilization of fuel ammonia at JERA’s Hekinan Thermal Power Station Image

LNG Thermal Power Plant in Japan

・ Under Green Innovation Fund program, plan to utilize approximately 30% of hydrogen by volume in FY2027 at an LNG thermal power plant in Japan

・ ENEOS and JERA have commenced “Research and Development for Hydrogen Quality related to Establishment of a large-scale CO2-free hydrogen supply chain”, with the aim to construct hydrogen quality standard system for industrial utilization.

・ This research and development is commissioned by NEDO’s "Development of Technologies for Building a Competitive Hydrogen Supply Chain" program.


JERA Starts Hydrogen Utilization Demonstration Project at an LNG Thermal Power Plant in Japan

ENEOS and JERA to Start R&D to construct hydrogen quality standard system under NEDO’s commissioned Project

MOU with ENEOS and JFE Holdings

・ Concluded a memorandum of understanding and begun to discuss in detail the possibility of establishing a hydrogen and ammonia receiving and supply base, and developing a supply project at the Keihin Waterfront Area in Kanagawa Prefecture

Collaboration with Kyushu Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power, Shikoku Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power, Hokkaido Electric Power and Okinawa Electric Power

・ Concluded a memorandum of understanding with the companies operating large thermal power plants in Japan, to consider collaboration aimed at establishing and expanding supply chains for hydrogen and ammonia for fuel.

Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in Japan

・ JERA and MHI will develop a new burner capable of single-fuel ammonia combustion and demonstrate its use in JERA’s coal-fired boilers made by MHI. After then, plan to verify conversion rate of least 50% ammonia at two units with different boiler types by FY 2028.

*Leverage NEDO's Green Innovation Fund

Joint Consideration with Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

・ Concluded a memorandum of understanding stipulating that they will jointly consider establishing a hydrogen supply chain based in the Ise Bay area.

Research and Development of Innovative Ammonia Synthesis Catalysts

・ The initiative is to develop Japanese independent ammonia synthesis technologies, based on the development of innovative catalysts, to enhance the use of ammonia through lower production costs.

・ The expected ten (10) year schedule is from FY2021 to FY2030.

*Leverage NEDO's Green Innovation Fund

Cooperation with Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.

・ The MOUs cover the joint examination of ways to develop large-volume ammonia carriers and to establish safe transport systems.

Start Development and Demonstration Project of Large-scale CO2 Separation and Recovery Technology from Gas-fired Power Generation Exhaust Gas​

・ The development and demonstration centers on domestic solid sorbent material to realize low cost separation and recovery of CO2 emitted from gas turbines of gas-fired power plants.

・ The project will cost approximately 10 billion yen over its nine (9) year schedule from 2022 to 2030.

*Leverage NEDO's Green Innovation Fund

Development of Ammonia Cracking Technology

・ A catalyst for extracting hydrogen from ammonia has been developed toward the establishment of an ammonia cracking technology that is competitive compared to existing technologies. The development period is about three years until FY 2025.

・ This project is commissioned by NEDO’s "Development of Technologies for Building a Competitive Hydrogen Supply Chain" program.

Investment agreement with Hydrogenious LOHC

・ The company based in Germany with unique technology of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier

・ 15 million EURO invested in September 2021

Heads of Agreement for the sale of Low Carbon Hydrogen/Ammonia produced in US with German company Uniper

・ Signed a Heads of Agreement with ConocoPhillips in the United States for the sale to Uniper of low carbon hydrogen/ammonia produced in the US.

・ To supply low carbon hydrogen/ammonia, our company, in collaboration with ConocoPhillips, is developing a manufacturing base in the US Gulf Coast that will produce hydrogen on a large scale and convert it into ammonia. We aim to start commercial production at the end of the 2020s at a plant with an initial production capacity of approximately 2 million tons per year and will accelerate the study of the basic design.

Joint study hydrogen transportation between UAE and Germany

・ Explore the opportunity to scale up existing LOHC technology to help meet growing global demand for the transportation of hydrogen.

・ Hydrogenious’ LOHC technology provides a safe, low cost means of bulk hydrogen storage and transportation, bonding hydrogen molecules to a non-flammable liquid, making it suitable and safer for transportation and distribution.

Joint Study with EnBW and VNG

・ EnBW, VNG and JERA signed a memorandum of understanding with the goal of jointly conducting a feasibility study to evaluate the construction of an ammonia cracker demonstration plant for the production of hydrogen from ammonia in the Rostock port area.

MOU for the Development of Green Hydrogen Projects and Derivatives with PIF

・ Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Public Investment Fund. (“PIF”), paving the way for the two parties to commence the necessary studies and feasibilities for the potential development of Green Hydrogen and derivatives projects that would be aiming to support domestic and international markets.

Cooperation with Vietnam Electricity(“EVN”) in Development of a Decarbonization Roadmap

・ Signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Vietnam Electricity ("EVN") committing the collaboration to establish a decarbonization roadmap for EVN.

・ We will work together to establish a roadmap for the decarbonization of EVN's entire business, including the thermal power sector, and to explore the introduction of ammonia and hydrogen to EVN's thermal power plants.

Joint Study Related to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Projects at Thermal Power Plants with JGC Holdings, and the Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN)

・ JERA, JGC, and PLN signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) committing to the launch of a joint study aimed at the introduction and commercialization of CCS projects at thermal power plants owned by PLN subsidiaries in the Republic of Indonesia.

・ The three companies will consider the introduction of CCS at the Indramayu Coal-Fired Power Plant and the Tambak Lorok Gas-Fired Power Plant, both owned by PLN subsidiaries, studying their potential as CCS projects by evaluating technical issues and business feasibility, investigating legal regulations, and identifying issues.

Joint Collaboration with PT Pertamina (Persero) on LNG and hydrogen/ammonia value chains

・ Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to collaborate on Business Opportunity Discussion and Potential Collaboration with PT Pertamina (Persero).

・ The MOU set out information sharing and discussions to enhance the value of the fuel value chain and to create business opportunities for infrastructure investment in LNG and hydrogen/ammonia, which are low-carbon fuels.

Collaboration with IHI Asia Pacific

・ Concluded the Memorandum of Understanding to explore potential ways to expand the use of ammonia in Malaysia’s energy sector.

Joint Study with Jurong Port and MHI-AP

・ Concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly explore establishing a 100% ammonia direct combustion power plant

・ a joint study will be conducted, where a 60MW class gas turbine combined cycle plant fueled by 100% ammonia is planned to be set up to produce carbon-neutral electricity, as well as stimulate ammonia demand to be ready for ammonia bunkering in future.

Cooperation with Summit Power

・ Concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the development of a decarbonization roadmap for Summit Power

・ JERA and Summit Power will collaborate in developing a decarbonization roadmap for Summit Power which will also help support Bangladesh’s economic growth ambitions and its Paris Agreement goals. Going forward, the two companies will also explore projects that create opportunities to utilize hydrogen and ammonia in ways that contribute to achieving these targets and that support the introduction of renewable energy such as storage batteries.

Collaboration with EGCO Group (Thailand)

・ Collaboration to cooperate in studies to decarbonize its business and co-firing using ammonia at a coal-fired power plant.

・ work together to achieve the following initiatives for EGCO Group's decarbonization.

・ Assessing the feasibility for ammonia co-firing at a coal-fired power plant in which EGCO Group owns 50% shares.

・ Developing a roadmap toward carbon neutral upon the usage of hydrogen and ammonia.

・ Developing hydrogen and ammonia supply chain in Thailand.

・ Studying and exploring opportunities for the implementation of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology in Thailand.

Study and Support for Drawing Up a Power Sector Decarbonization Roadmap for the Republic of Indonesia

・ Drawing up a proposed roadmap that embodies the targeted power source structure and power supply system while taking into account the specific conditions in Indonesia fully. The four companies will also consider measures that JICA could implement in Indonesia in support of the proposed roadmap.

Joint Study on Ammonia Utilization with Aboitiz Power

・ Concluded a memorandum of understanding to commence a joint study on utilization of ammonia for the decarbonization of its business.

・ Both companies will consider the possibility of ammonia utilization at Aboitiz Power's coal-fired power plants which will be a trigger for decarbonization of Aboitiz Power, and will scrutinize target power plants for ammonia utilization and the converting rate.

Memorandum of Understanding with TAQA for Decarbonization business

・ Entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that will see both parties explore opportunities to work closely together to develop projects in the area of decarbonization.

・ This MOU will open up opportunities for collaboration between TAQA and JERA through the joint development of zero-emission thermal power projects and other green projects, mainly in the Middle East region, and will contribute to the expansion of business opportunities for both companies.

Collaboration with PTT

JERA and PTT will jointly consider the following hydrogen and ammonia related activities:

・ Study on the development of supply chain for hydrogen and ammonia in Thailand

・ Evaluation of feasibility of ammonia cracking technology as a means of supplying hydrogen to Thailand

・ Consideration of joint development of hydrogen/ammonia upstream business or investment opportunities assuming supply to Thailand

A Strategic Collaboration Agreement with ADNOC

・ Strategic Collaboration Agreement will reinforce the collaboration toward a value chain in clean hydrogen and ammonia fields

Bayu-Undan Gas Field CCS

・ The MOU concluded in September 2021 with the operating company of the Bayu Undan gas field and the East Timorese regulatory authority to consider converting the field to CCS

Collaboration with Chevron

・ Signed a Joint Study Agreement to explore the potential co-development of lower carbon fuel in Australia and will conduct a feasibility study expected to be completed in 2023. Lower carbon fuel supplies to be produced in the region would seek to leverage Chevron’s LNG and CCS knowledge and experience.

Hydrogen combustion at Linden Thermal Power Station in the US

・ We have finished modifying the gas turbine for hydrogen use at Linden Gas Thermal Power Station Unit 6 in the US (fuel: natural gas), in which we have invested through our US subsidiary.

・ The plant is now capable of mixed combustion with up to 40% hydrogen (by volume), using hydrogen supplied from an adjacent oil refinery.

Collaboration with CF Industries

・ Executed a Memorandum of Understanding for potential collaboration for the joint project development and sales & purchase of clean ammonia.

・ Agreed to jointly study the viability to collaborate in the following areas:

◆The sales and purchase of clean ammonia for the 20% operations at the Hekinan Thermal Power Plant Unit 4 in Japan, which is targeted to commence in 2027. The required volume is expected to be up to 500,000 mtpa.

◆The joint development of a 1 million plus mtpa blue ammonia project which CF Industries is considering to develop in the US Gulf Coast.

Collaboration with Yara International ASA

・ Executed a Memorandum of Understanding for potential collaboration for the joint project development and sales & purchase of clean ammonia.

・ Agreed to jointly study the viability to collaborate in the following areas

◆The sales and purchase of clean ammonia for the 20% operations at the Hekinan Thermal Power Plant Unit 4 in Japan, which is targeted to commence in 2027. The required volume is expected to be up to 500,000 mtpa.

◆The joint development of a 1 million plus mtpa blue ammonia project which YCA is considering to develop in the US Gulf Coast.

Collaboration in the U.S. with Chevron

・ Conducted a feasibility study of the potential co-development of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) in the U.S.

・ The joint study of the CCS business will not only expand the opportunities for both companies in the decarbonization field, but also contribute to the transition to an international decarbonized society.


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