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Coexisting with Local CommunitiesSustainability

In addition to global issues such as climate change, countries and regions face increasingly severe endemic problems such as poverty, inequality, limited resources, and demographic changes. Our operations have a broad nternational reach, and we recognize the importance of leading the way to find solutions to these issues in cooperation with each region and community.

As a company focused on working responsibly with local communities, we formulated a Social Contribution Activity Policy last year to contribute to realizing a sustainable society. Specifically, we have positioned “coexisting with the environment,” “educating the next generation,” and “resolving community issues” as our areas of focus within social contribution and are committed to ensuring accountability by communicating and working closely with local communities.

As we move forward, we will continue leveraging our strengths to address and resolve the problems faced by people in every region. We will also strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and strive to create a virtuous cycle that builds social trust and enhances our corporate value.

Social Contribution Activity Policy

[Basic Policy]

The JERA Group aims to engage proactively in social contribution activities, build strong relationships of trust with regional communities and other stakeholders, and achieve sustainable development with local communities as it conducts business globally. Our social contribution activities respect the cultures, customs, nature, history, and other characteristics of individual countries and regions. At the same time, we will contribute to society and community development through activities that leverage the strengths of the entire JERA Group.

Purpose of Activities

The purpose of our social contribution is the creation of a continuous virtuous cycle in which trust between JERA and our stakeholders contributes to the realization of a sustainable society, which in turn enhances corporate value.

Areas of Focus

Aiming to realize a sustainable society, we will engage in activities prioritizing the following three areas: “coexisting with the environment,” “educating the next generation,” and “resolving community issues.”

  • Coexisting with the Environment
  • We will contribute to better conservation of the global environment by working to reduce the environmental burden of our business activities together with measures such as promoting greening and environmental protection.

  • Educating the Next Generation
  • We will pass on the skills and expertise gained through business operations to the next generation and contribute to the education of individuals who can lead the future of energy globally.

  • Resolving Community Issues
  • We will help resolve the many issues facing countries and regions where we do business, including increasing disaster preparedness, creating jobs, and reducing the number of communities without electricity.

Support for Employee Social Contribution

We will provide our employees with opportunities for social participation and support employees’ voluntary social contribution activities.

Collaboration with Stakeholders

We will communicate with stakeholders as we work to address various social issues.

Information Disclosure

We will proactively disseminate information about our Social Contribution Activity Policy and associated efforts via our website and reports.

Coexisting with the Environment

Environmental Conservation and Landscape Preservation Measures at Thermal Power Plants

The thermal power plants we own throughout Japan implement measures to preserve the landscape in consideration of the impact of operations on the surrounding environment. Landscape simulations help us select the shapes and colors for our plants’ chimneys. In addition, to achieve balance with nature, we also proactively plant trees at power plant sites, many of which have become forests home to many rare insects and other species.

Cleanup and Environmental Beautification Activities

JERA’s thermal power plants and other places of business work with affiliates and local governments to conduct cleanup and environmental beautification activities in the surrounding communities. Despite restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, 757 employees participated in environmental beautification activities in FY2021.

In addition, just as the year prior, we conducted beach cleanup activities in Akita Prefecture in cooperation with local residents and the players and staff of the Aranmare women’s basketball team—in which JERA holds an equity stake.

Educating the Next Generation

Power Plant Tours

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we made sure that visitors were still able to tour our plants online. A total of 1,486 attended online tours of the Hirono Thermal Power Station and Kawasaki Thermal Power Station. Designed to make learning enjoyable for both parents and children, these virtual tours cover a range of content, from lessons on electricity used in daily life to experiments and quizzes. The virtual tours were a hit with parents and children alike.

Support for SAKURA Tempesta, a Robotics Team for Junior High and High School Students

Support for SAKURA Tempesta, a Robotics Team for Junior High and High School Students

SAKURA Tempesta is one of the most notable robotics teams in Japan. In the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition—the world’s most prominent international robotics competition—SAKURA Tempesta received the Rookie Inspiration Award, given to a rookie team with outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers.

As a sponsor of SAKURA Tempesta, JERA is working with the team on community contribution activities and workshops to promote STEAM* education for young people.

  • STEAM fields: Science, technology, engineering, art and architecture, and mathematics

Continuing Our Scholarship Program

In December 2020, JERA established the JERA Asia Scholarship program for international students from Asian countries to study at Japanese universities and graduate schools to contribute to the education of the next generation who will lead economic growth in Asia.

In FY2020 and continuing in FY2021, we provided scholarships to students from various Asian countries studying at the International University of Japan, which has engaged in the education of global talent for many years.

Resolving Community Issues

Assistance to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have supported measures to prevent the infection and spread of the virus in Asia. In FY2020, we provided free medical supplies to Bangladesh, including emergency vehicles, respirators, and personal protective equipment such as protective clothing and masks.

In FY2021, we donated to the COVID-19 prevention fund in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, in response to a rapid increase in new cases there.

  • Note: In August 2020, JERA and ExxonMobil concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of an integrated LNG-to-power project in Hai Phong City, and in October 2020, ExxonMobil and Hai Phong City concluded a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the development of the project in the city.

Overseas/Affiliate Initiatives and Contributions to SDGs

We invested in TeaM Energy Corporation, an affiliate in the Philippines, which is working to solve social issues in that country (JERA and Marubeni each have a 50% stake). Specifically, through TeaM Energy Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation, we have sought to alleviate poverty, protect the environment, and provide support for education and medical care by providing electricity to areas and homes previously without power as part of various multi-year initiatives.