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As a group of professionals specializing in thermal power generation, we have always sought to achieve a high level of availability, maintain thermal efficiency, and reduce costs. Our experts can undertake the operation of our clients' power plants by using their diverse skills, which range from operation and maintenance to fuel management, exhaust gas and waste water processing, and material procurement.

We also provide other solutions, which are tailored to our clients' problems and needs. Please contact JERA​ for more information. Our specialists will visit your facilities and provide you with advice.

List of Comprehensive O&M Services

  • Owner's engineering services
  • Comprehensive O&M services

1. Owner's engineering services

We provide a wide range of engineering solutions for thermal power stations, including feasibility studies, basic and detailed design services, commissioning tests, and the like. The services we provide are based on the experience we have accumulated over the years as a power station operator.

2. Comprehensive O&M services

We use our human resources to undertake all types of power station operation and maintenance work.

JERA's experience in thermal power station operation
JERA's experience in thermal power station operation
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