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Safety and HealthSustainability

Safety Philosophy

Safety is the foundation of our business and the source of our corporate value. We give the highest priority to safety in all our business activities.

The Mission of the JERA Group is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the worldʼs energy issues. To fulfill this mission, it is essential to conduct our business activities safely and supply energy in a stable manner

To that end, the JERA Group will develop its business activities based on the premise of “Safety First" in its entire supply chain from fuel upstream investment/procurement to sales, and will work on further safety measures to ensure that everyone in society can have peace of mind.

Safety Policies

Based on the Safety Philosophy, the JERA Group will work on the following policies:

  • Create a safe and comfortable work environment
  • Observe safe and appropriate operating procedures and rules
  • Design, operate, and maintain facilities with safety in mind

Principles of Conduct

To realize our safety philosophy and policies, each and every employee will act in accordance with the following principles of conduct:

  • Work together across organizations and responsibilities to ensure safety.
  • Adopt what is considered to be safer when in doubt.
  • Continue constant efforts and initiatives to ensure safety.

Fostering a Culture of Safety

To ensure that safety is the top priority in our business activities, we aim to realize a work culture in which all personnel at our job sites share our safety philosophy and call on one another to work together toward creating safe workplaces.

To foster such a culture of safety, we are expanding activities in which officers visit power plants, construction sites, and other workplaces to directly explain our approach to safety. We have also established a safety enhancement period when we conduct various safety awareness initiatives and hold commendation ceremonies for the safety efforts undertaken by employees and subcontractors working at our job sites.

Safety: The Highest Priority in Everything We Do

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the world’s energy issues. As power generation and fuel facilities operate under high-pressure conditions using complex machinery, it is essential to eliminate life-threatening risks, ensure the safety of all involved personnel, and provide stable energy during operation and maintenance periods.

To this end, at the close of FY2020, we formulated a safety philosophy and safety policies to ensure that we pursue business activities based on the premise of “Safety First” in the entirety of our supply chains, from upstream fuel procurement to electricity sales. We are also committed to pursuing further safety measures to ensure peace of mind for everyone in society.

Our officers and employees are working together to build a culture of safety. We are developing various measures to achieve our goal of zero accidents so that all those involved in our businesses can return home healthy and injury free.

New Initiatives for Achieving Zero Accidents

Guided by our annual safety plans, JERA is expanding workplace-wide safety activities to achieve our target of zero accidents. Power generation and fuel facilities contain many pieces of machinery and equipment. It is critical to understand the potential dangers of each and take appropriate safety measures during patrols, facility maintenance, and other on-site work.

In recent years, we have seen more and more partner company employees with little experience working at our job sites. We have been conducting risk simulation training utilizing VR technology for these employees to increase their sensitivity to danger while promptly sharing safety information to prevent the repeated occurrence of similar incidents.

Major Safety Initiatives in FY2022

Priority Action Items Major Initiatives
Leadership: Clarification of our safety activity strategies and facilitation of safety awareness among all employees
  • Developed safety activity strategies aimed at creating a culture of safety based on mutual awareness building
  • Formed safety committees and held workshops to foster safety awareness
  • Facilitated safety awareness among all employees through safety-related events
Organizational Structure: Establishment of a robust system for safety activities
  • Constructed a structure for promoting safety activities involving overseas group companies
  • Strengthened cooperation with stakeholders
Business Operations: Implementation of policies for the creation of safe workplaces
  • Enhanced and utilized information regarding safety
  • Carried out effective safety activities for accidentfree, safe workplaces

Promoting Health Management

Based on the recognition that health and safety are the foundation of our business operations, we have established a health and safety management system supervised by the president to promote health and safety as one of our most important management issues. Action plans for health and safety are established at each business site and led by the responsible department at each site as part of our efforts to promote initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving the health of employees.

In FY2021, in addition to measures aimed at curtailing mental health problems and lifestyle diseases, we made substantial efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Going forward, we will continue to promote work-life balance and establish various measures for the prevention, early detection, and early treatment of diseases to create an environment in which employees can take on challenges in good health and with a sense of security.

Main Achievements of Health and Safety Activities in FY2021

Compliance with laws and regulations on health and safety
  • Implemented a variety of medical examinations
  • Conducted stress checks (Achieved below the national average for overall health risk)
Mental health measures
  • Implemented mental health care training for managers and conducted occupational health interviews with physicians and clinical psychologists
  • Implemented workplace improvement activities based on the results of stress checks
Lifestyle disease prevention measures
  • Strengthened recommendations for reexamination of individuals determined to require treatment or more detailed examinations in their health checks
Measures to prevent health problems caused by overwork
  • Implemented interviews with occupational physicians for individuals working long hours
Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Conducted workplace vaccinations
  • Introduced antigen testing kits
Increased the rate of health checkups for staff stationed overseas
  • Established a work environment that enables staff stationed overseas to receive medical examinations even when COVID-19 pandemic-related movement restrictions are in place, such as border entry and exit restrictions

Health and Safety Management Structure

Health and Safety Management Structure
  • Some workplaces with under 50 employees do not have a Safety and Health Committee.

The JERA was selected under the 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations.
METI : Announcement of Organizations Selected under the 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program


Safe and Stable Operations

We expend every effort to ensure the safe and stable operations of our thermal power plants by monitoring them 24 hours a day from a central control room. We perform daily inspections to swiftly discover any abnormalities, conducting rigorous visual inspections of our facilities and checking each piece of equipment to ensure that we catch even the slightest variations in temperature, vibrations, abnormal noises, etc.

We also conduct regular inspections, including operator inspections as required by the Electricity Business Act of Japan and our own routine inspections, to ensure that our facilities operate safely. Together with our affiliates, we have systems in place to ensure the quickest possible restoration of operations in the unlikely event that a problem occurs during operation.

Safety Measures for Equipment

Our thermal power plants handle many dangerous substances, which we handle appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Fire Service Act of Japan,the Act on the Prevention of Disaster in Petroleum Industrial Complexes and Other Petroleum Facilities, and the High Pressure Gas Safety Act of Japan. In particular, for thermal power plants located in special disaster prevention zones such as petrochemical complexes, JERA is taking measures appropriate to the size of the plant.

Earthquake Countermeasures

When constructing thermal power plants, we design them to be earthquake resistant in accordance with the Building Standards Act of Japan, the Fire Service Act of Japan, and other relevant regulations, as well as with the Rules of Quality Assurance for the Safety of Thermal Power Plants (Japan Electric Association Code, JEAC). We confirm seismic resistance through periodic facility inspections after construction. We also implement individual measures in light of facility damage caused by past earthquakes.

Additionally, we evaluate the seismic resistance of essential facilities at each power plant and implement measures such as seismic reinforcement to avoid long-term shutdowns due to collapse or earthquake damage and stay abreast of the latest developments in safety.

Safety Measures for LNG Receiving Terminals

At our LNG receiving terminals, in preparation for the unlikely event of an LNG leakage, we implement safety measures based on the following three concepts: (1) leakage prevention, (2) early leakage detection, and (3) prevention of leakage expansion. We also make considerations for the handling of fire. For example, we adopted explosion-proof structures for electrical equipment surrounding LNG facilities and restricted the use of products that may cause fire by designating control zones.

We have a proven track record of safety over more than 50 years since the introduction of LNG and are committed to making every effort to keep enhancing our safety measures and ensure safe operations.

Main Approach

Important Safety and Health Data

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of fatalities from industrial injuries 0 0 0 0
Number of fatalities from contract industrial injuries 0 1 0 0
Industrial injuries 51 69 70 59
  • Results of our company and domestic power generation subsidiaries absolutely owned by our company
    Industrial injuries : Injuries involving our company employees and employees of partner companies, including injuries that do not result in medical leave