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In 2007, Tokyo Electric Power Company (since renamed and referred to herein as "TEPCO") and Marubeni acquired the entire equity interest and all projects belonging to Mirant Asia Pacific Limited, a major IPP holding company in the Philippines, undertaking investment and involvement in its projects. Accounting for approximately 10% of the total power generation assets in the Luzon region, which includes the Philippine capital of Manila, TeaM Energy Corporation, established by TEPCO and Marubeni, seeks to contribute to the stable supply of electricity to the greater Manila area through the wholesale supply of power to the Philippine National Power Corporation.
JERA succeeded to this project from TEPCO Fuel & Power in July 2016.

Major power plants operated by TeaM Energy

Power Plant
  • Pagbilao Plant
  • Sual Plant
  • Ilijan Plant
  • Quezon, Luzon Island, Philippines
  • Pangasinan, Luzon Island, Philippines
  • Batangas, Luzon Island, Philippines
(as of March 2018)
1,123MW 1,218MW 1,251MW
Power generation method Coal thermal power Coal thermal power Combined-cycle
Main fuel Coal Coal Natural gas
Operating since June1996
(Unit3: March 2018)
*Invested since June2007
October 1999

*Invested since June 2007

June 2002

*Invested since June 2007

  • Unit 1, 2: JERA, Marubeni
  • Unit 3: JERA, Marubeni, Aboitiz Power
JERA, Marubeni JERA, Marubeni, Korea Electric Power, Mitsubishi Corporation, Kyushu Electric

Exterior views of each power plant

Pagbilao Plant
Pagbilao Plant
Sual Plant
Sual Plant
Ilijan Plant
Ilijan Plant

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