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About Our Business

  • What is JERA?
    JERA was founded on April 30, 2015, as a joint venture and comprehensive alliance between what was then known as the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc bringing together the entire supply chain from fuel upstream operations and procurement to power generation and sales. We consolidated all of our existing thermal power generation enterprises in April 2019, becoming an energy company that leads Japan in power generation capacity and ranks among the highest in the world in fuel transaction volume. As a global company capable pf solving the world's energy problems, JERA is committed to leading the way in creating a zero-carbon society.
  • How much electricity does JERA generate annually?
    JERA generates 247.3 billion kWh in Japan, which is equivalent to about 30% of Japan's total power generation. (As of March 31, 2022)
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  • What is JERA Zero CO₂ Emissions 2050?
    JERA Zero CO₂ Emissions 2050 is a challenge to achieve CO2 zero emissions from our operations in Japan and overseas by 2050.
    CO₂ zero emissions will be achieved through "renewable energy" and "zero-emission thermal power generation" fueled by ammonia and hydrogen, which do not emit CO₂ when burned.
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  • How can I do business with JERA?
    Please use the contact form to inquire about the purpose of your transaction.
  • What is the origin of the company name JERA?
    The origin of the company name is as follows.
    From Japan to the world
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About The Power Plant

  • Where are the thermal power plants owned by JERA?
    We own 26* thermal power plants in Japan. Click here to see the locations of our thermal power plants.
    *Includes in-progress construction. Domestic figures exclude joint thermal power holdings.
  • Are there any thermal power plants available for plant tours?
    General public tours are available at each power plant or PR facility in accordance with the current status of corona infection prevention measures.
    Please check the website of each power plant or PR facility for information on the availability of tours.
    In principle, power plants that are not listed are not open for tours.
  • Can I get a brochure on thermal power plants?
    We do not offer thermal power plant brochures by mail, please see the PDF of the brochure on our website.
  • Are there any emissions of hazardous substances from thermal power plants?
    As an environmental measure, thermal power plants remove toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides generated during operation as much as possible, keeping emissions below the reference values set by the national and local governments.
    In addition, during inspections and repairs, thorough measures are taken to ensure that the working environment does not pose a health hazard to those who work in the power plant.

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