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Measures against Self-Heating of CoalOur Company / Approach to safety

Self-Heating of Coal

Coal, depending on its brand, may spontaneously generate heat when it is stored for a long period of time, and this may lead to spontaneous fires. Therefore, careful attention must be paid when handling coal. JERA takes measures to prevent the self- heating of stored coal.

Measures against Self- Heating in the Coal Storage Yard

  1. Operating appropriately by understanding the condition of coal before receipt
    Coal transported by coal ship is stored in coal storage yards. At the fuel center of the coal storage yard, before receiving coal, we apprehend the pyrophoricity of coal using loading data so that we can we can use the coal before it spontaneously heats up.
  2. Temperature monitoring of stored coal (two-stage monitoring method)
    As we handle a large amount of coal, we have adopted a phased temperature-monitoring method for coal stored in the coal storage yard.
  • In multiple daily patrols, we measure the temperature of coal piles laid in the yard with a simple thermometer.
  • When there are signs of a rise in temperature, a wireless temperature measurement rod is installed on the coal piles laid in the yard, then the temperature is monitored remotely from the fuel center.

When storing coal with highly spontaneous self-heating for a long period of time, the coal’s temperature is monitored using a wireless temperature-measurement rod after the coal is received.


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