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About Refill-light

NETIS 新技術情報提供システム

1.Overview of Refill-light

Refill-light is a sandy material made by crushing clinker ash, which is an industrial by-product of JERA's coal-fired thermal power station, to a size of 50 mm or less with a crusher. And that has the characteristics of being porous and lightweight. In addition, because it is an industrial by-product, Refill-light can be used as a substitute for sand, making it a material that greatly contributes to reducing the environmental load.

Overview of Refill-light

2.Physical characteristics

Refill-light sand
Unit weight
(Maximum dry density)
10~11kN/m3 17kN/m3
Design Unit weight after compaction
(degree of compaction:90%)
14kN/m3 18~20kN/m3
Internal friction angle 35°≦ 30°~35°
Cohesion 0kN/m2 0kN/m2
pH 11.5以下 5~7
Hydraulic conductivity 6×10-4m/s 10-6~10-4m/s

【Points to note】
pH of Refill-light is 11.5 or less, and It mainly shows values in the range of 9 to 9.5. Therefore, when using it in a place where it may be exposed to rainwater during rainfall, it is necessary to take measures such as covering the topsoil.

3.Effectiveness of Refill-light as a soil material

The following are cases of Refill-light that can be used by taking advantage of its material properties.

  1. Refill-light is lighter than sand and has a large internal friction angle. Therefore, by using that as a backfill material for the retaining wall, it contributes to slimming the frame of the retaining wall and reducing the earth pressure on the retaining wall.
  2. Refill-light has good drainage even after it has been compacted as subgrade. In addition, that has a small fluctuation range of water content and is not easily affected by the weather at the time of construction.

4.Sales area

The main sales area is the area that can be transported by land from Hirono, Hitachinaka, and Hekinan that is JERA's coal-fired thermal power station. Depending on the sales volume and the place of use, it is possible to sell by sea transportation. In such a case, please contact us individually.

5.Case Study

Case Study Place Effectiveness
Lightweight backfilling Retaining wall
Steel sheet pile for earth retaining
reinforced soil wall
  • Slimming the frame
  • Down specification of material
  • Reasonable design
Lightweight topfilling Upper part of buried structure
  • Slimming the frame
  • Diversion of existing structures
Lightweight banking Banking on soft ground
  • Reduction of subsidence
  • Reduction of Ground slip activation force
Subgrade Banking for slope to pier
Banking for the slope of the overpass road
  • Reasonable design

6.Quality management

Refill-light will be shipped after safety is confirmed by tests based on Notification No. 46 of the Environment Agency in 1991 (environmental standards relating to contamination of soil).

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