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Stakeholder EngagementSustainability

Fundamental Approach

At JERA, we are committed to proactive communication with our stakeholders, who include customers, business partners, local communities, shareholders, and investors, among others. This allows us to better understand their needs and expectations to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to act in good faith on their behalf.

Healthy two-way communication with our stakeholders will continue to inform and improve our operations and services going forward. Furthermore, our efforts to disclose both financial and non-financial information in a timely, appropriate manner lead to proper assessment by our stakeholders in addition to helping us achieve sustainable growth and maximize our corporate value.

Main Stakeholders Demands & Expectations Initiatives Outcomes


  • Stable energy supply
  • Customer experience satisfaction
  • Decarbonization and renewable energy adoption and expansion
  • Promotion of ESG initiatives
We deliver a stable energy supply to customers worldwide by building infrastructure undeterred by geopolitical factors and climate changes that can upset the supply-demand balance, leveraging cutting-edge value chain solutions spanning fuel procurement, power generation, and electric and gas sales. Our services promote a transition to a decarbonized energy model based on ESG-conscious business operations in order to meet customer expectations and earn their trust.
  • Improved sales
  • Enhanced website


Business Partners
  • Environmentally and socially responsible procurement and outsourcing
  • Fair and equitable trade
  • Stronger collaboration
We promote environmentally and socially responsible procurement and partnership practices, which help us fulfill our corporate social responsibility and engage in fair, equitable trade with suppliers.
Mutual understanding and close communication are the cornerstones of growth and development with our suppliers and partners.
  • Contract compliance review
  • Procurement policy briefings
  • Domestic and international business collaborations


Local Communities
  • Environmentally responsible business operations
  • Respect for human rights in local communities
  • Local economic contribution
  • Local job creation and skills development
We build strong bonds of trust through active dialogue with local stakeholders to achieve sustainable development alongside communities in Japan and abroad, including those that host our power plants.
We are committed to the development of society through social contributions tailored to local communities and business activities that respect the nature, history, culture, and customs of each country and region in which we conduct business.
  • Participation in local community events
  • Scholarship programs and power plant tours
  • Assistance to prevent the spread of COVID-19

& Investors

Shareholders & Investors
  • Enhanced corporate value
  • Enhanced earning power
We are further augmenting company reporting and seek to expand and deepen understanding through dialogue with capital market participants, including shareholders, institutional investors, rating agencies, securities firms, and ESG evaluation providers,to match expectations through enhanced corporate value.
  • Shareholders meetings
  • IR briefings
  • One-on-One and group IR meetings
  • Issuing of reports


  • Recruitment and training of a strategic global workforce of professionals
  • Workplace and employee health and safety
  • Empowerment of diverse talent
  • Promotion of work-life balance
  • Elimination of discrimination and harassment
  • More effective reporting systems
Human rights are at the heart of our efforts. We ensure the health and safety of our employees and create a safe and comfortable working environment.
We continue to maximize opportunities for our diverse talent to choose career paths and work styles that allow them to reach their full potential while actively promoting measures to hire a global and career-focused workforce that empowers women, individuals with disabilities, and beyond.
  • Inclusive corporate culture
  • Independent career development support
  • Promotion of work styles that meet ever-changing needs
  • Online recruitment via our website
  • Employee satisfaction survey