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Fundamental Approach and Issue Awareness

JERA is committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders by operating in accordance with the high ethical standards expected of a global corporation. Under our JERA Group Compliance Policy and Compliance Code of Conduct, we will hold up our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to the world’s energy issues and ensure compliance with domestic and foreign laws and regulations.

As a part of the global energy value chain, we are expected to act with integrity and in a manner that aligns with domestic and international laws and regulations, demonstrating a heightened sense of ethics suitable to a worldwide corporation. Particularly in recent years, environmental and human rights issues in the supply chain are now being addressed in the context of compliance alongside issues in bribery and competition law. Our group is united in its commitment to compliance. Our officers and employees will continue to act in a manner befitting their responsibilities, even amid intense scrutiny of energy issues worldwide and drastic industry changes.

Compliance Program Framework

We have established the Compliance Committee, chaired by the president, to promote compliance as the organization responsible for reviewing and deciding on various compliancerelated measures.

The committee comprises the chair, president, vice presidents, chief officers, branch leaders, labor union representatives, and ad-hoc committee members, including outside experts. Compliance measures considered by the committee,as well as any specific investigations, corrective actions, and preventative measures, are submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion or reporting as necessary.

The Legal Group, which serves as the committee’s secretariat, works closely with compliance managers and program officers at each workplace, office, and group company to promote compliance among staff, management, and everyone in between.

Compliance Program Structure

Compliance Program Structure

(As of August 31, 2022)

Compliance Training

The Compliance Committee deliberates and decides on compliance-related measures for each fiscal year, taking into consideration the results of employee questionnaires and other factors, in order to implement a course of action in accordance with the “JERA Group Compliance Policy” and the “JERA Group Compliance Code of Conduct.”

In FY2021, we strengthened our efforts to promote compliance by focusing on better information delivery, ncluding sharing messages from management, as well as enhanced training programs and the establishment of a group-wide compliance program framework.

FY2021 Primary Compliance Initiatives

Initiative Results
Messages from Management
  • Updates from the Compliance Committee Chair and Vice Chair (delivered in April, October, and January)
Information Delivery
  • Compliance updates (monthly)
  • Awareness campaigns surrounding regulations on bribery and corruption (October, December)
  • Spotlight on the Whistleblower Hotline (October – March)
  • Compliance Training: “Compliance in an Era of Change” (March)
  • Antitrust Law Training: “Unfair Trade Restrictions” (January)
  • Training on Internal Rules: “Anti-Bribery Regulations” (June)
  • Training for officers dispatched to new subsidiaries (July) and training for mid-career hires (July, March)
Building the JERA Group Framework
  • Review of the group’s compliance organization structure in consideration of the management structures at affiliated companies (year-round)
  • Group compliance meetings, both domestic and overseas (August, February)
  • Creation and testing of compliance website for domestic subsidiaries (from September)
Group Policy Development
  • Formulation and publishing of the JERA Group Policy against Anti-Social Forces, JERA Group Human Rights Policy, and JERA Group Tax Policy (March)
  • Compliance awareness survey conducted in December in cooperation with an external organization (95.8% response rate with 3,903 of 4,076 potential participants responding)
  • 82.2% of participants responded that they “fully understand” the content of the Compliance Policy and Compliance Code of Conduct

Corruption Prevention

We have established standards of conduct to prevent corruption in the JERA Group Compliance Policy and JERA Group Compliance Code of Conduct.

In addition, to meet the objectives of the Compliance Policy and Code of Conduct, we have established “Anti-Bribery Regulations” and “Anti-Corruption Regulations.” These policies establish approval procedures for entertainment, gifts, and donations to domestic and foreign public officials or agents of those officials, delineate prohibited activities, and describe reporting procedures for the exchange of money or goods with business partners. Further, JERA raises awareness of these policies through an e-learning system, the Legal Group monitors and supervises related processes and operations, and the Compliance Committee receives reports on these and other efforts.

Selections from the JERA Compliance Code of Conduct notes on gifts, donations, and entertainment:

  • We always maintain proper and healthy relationships with our business partners and do not provide them with money, gifts, entertainment, or any other economic benefits that exceed good judgment.
  • In our procurement activities, we provide open, fair, and equal participation opportunities in both domestic and overseas markets and select suppliers through rational and transparent procedures.
  • We establish and maintain fair and open relations with the political and governmental counterparts of each country and region in compliance with domestic and international laws and regulations and internal rules.
  • We do not entertain, provide gifts, or provide any other economic benefits to public officials or anyone in an equivalent position, domestic or foreign.
  • We do not make such payments if we are aware that a portion of the payments made to agents or consultants, or any such parties, is being or is suspected of being diverted for the purpose of engaging in improper activities with public officials or persons in an equivalent position.

Fair and Just Trade with Suppliers (CSR- and ESG-Based Responsible Procurement)

We conduct our transactions and business activities in compliance with laws and regulations as well as with the principles of fairness and impartiality, both in Japan and overseas. We uphold free trade and market competition and conduct fair business in accordance with the Antimonopoly Act and relevant domestic and international laws and regulations.

In May 2022, we announced our “Declaration of Partnership Building,” in which we express our commitment to promote collaboration and coexistence with business partners and value-creating businesses.

We have established a “Procurement Policy” alongside our acquisition activities. We are committed to responsible procurement in consideration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), including quality assurance, procurement cost reduction, compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics, safety assurance, and business continuity planning (BCP). In addition, we hold briefing sessions about our procurement policies with suppliers to ensure mutual understanding and close communication. In listening to the opinions and requests of our suppliers, we strive to build even stronger relationships.

Whistleblower System and Harassment Consultation Hotline

To prevent compliance violations and quickly detect and resolve any violations that do arise, we have established internal and external whistleblower hotlines for reporting on issues within the company. The hotline is available 24 hours a day for individuals to make anonymous or named reports via email or post. The scope of consultation and reporting services offered range from bribery and corruption to harassment, human rights violations, and acts that infringe on the reputation or social credibility of the group, as well as violations of laws, employment regulations, and internal company rules.

In July 2021, JERA established a new harassment consultation service to ask for advice or report harassment and other work-related issues.

In FY2021, the whistleblower hotline received 17 cases, while the harassment consultation hotline had 12.

In response to the enactment of the amended Whistleblower Protection Act (June 2022), JERA is strengthening its response system at its whistleblower and harassment consultation hotlines, as well as designating and providing training and education for a whistleblower response team.

To encourage the use of this whistleblower system, JERA guarantees compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. JERA continues to share information about the whistleblower system regularly and seeks to build trust through efforts such as assessment of intention, protecting confidentiality, and prohibiting discriminatory treatment or retaliation against whistleblowers.

Whistleblower System and Harassment Consultation Hotline

Tax Compliance

In February 2022, JERA established and announced to the public JERA Group Tax Policy, which outlines the company’s fundamental position and aims to strengthen tax governance with management involvement.

In order to fulfill our ethical tax obligations and social responsibilities, we are committed to further reducing tax risk by strengthening our tax governance.