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ESG Management(Message)Sustainability

Our Vision for ESG Management at JERA


Managing Executive Officer(ESG)

Tatsuya Tsunoda

Our vision for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and its management is clear and unique. At JERA, we believe that everything we do relates back to ESG. Specifically, we have a unique responsibility as one of the world’s largest power producers to pursue decarbonization in the energy value chain through new technologies and ideas (E and S); we provide the stable supply of energy that underpins social life (S); and we aim to break the mold of the Japanese power industry to achieve true global business expansion (S and G).

Unlike Europe and the United States, Japan is a mountainous country surrounded by deep sea, which limits the penetration of renewable energy. It is also characterized by high precipitation and frequent typhoons, which can cause significant fluctuations in renewable energy output. To ensure the stable delivery of electricity to customers, we must supplement this output with thermal power generation, which we can operate flexibly. JERA’s ESG approach is unique in that to solve environmental issues, we not only focus on the development of renewable energy but were also among the first to take the bold step of shifting to low greenhouse gas thermal power generation and using hydrogen and ammonia as fuels for thermal power generation, which is one of our strengths. Our vision for ESG is to apply our expertise and technologies to the diverse characteristics of each region where we do business, adapting and growing together with regions overseas, especially in Asia, where economic growth is strong, in order to build a sustainable energy supply system for the next generation.

The driving force behind ESG management at JERA is two-fold, combining our workforce’s various personalities, abilities, and expertise with an autonomous global management structure comprised of management and energy professionals. And we must refine these forces to further enhance ESG management. In particular, to further develop our unique organizational culture, one of JERA’s strengths, we will continue to create pleasant workplaces that foster respect, inspiration, and support among our diverse talent, which spans gender, nationality, and background.

JERA will utilize the opinions of outside stakeholders in the advancement of ESG management, and at the same time, we hope to increase engagement through extensive communication of our commitment and efforts to contribute to sustainable social development.