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Message from Global CEO and Chair

At JERA, we exist to realize our Mission and Vision.Our Mission is to provide cutting edge solutions to the world’s energy issues.

And our Vision, beginning with Japan, is to enable a global decarbonized society by combining clean renewable energy with hydrogen and ammonia decarbonized thermal power.

I want to achieve JERA’s Mission & Vision by focusing on three areas:

  1. Realize an optimal, integrated domestic and international business structure.
  2. Build organizational resilience and passion through effective teamwork.
  3. Deliver a flat and open organizational culture that prizes diversity and promotes efficiency.

The phrase “World’s Energy Issues” refers to three main tasks.

Firstly, “Sustainability” - the provision of clean energy to society.

Secondly, “Affordability” - the need to reduce energy prices and

Thirdly, “Supply Stability” – the need to provide consumers with stable power.

The energy crisis that followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and continuing uncertainty shows that achieving these goals will require a global approach.

How can JERA achieve this, considering that it is headquartered in a country with huge demand but few natural resources?

Firstly, we will leverage our world-leading LNG procurement capability to strengthen our existing global LNG value chain inclusive of gas field development, liquefaction, transportation, LNG terminals, gas-fired thermal power, and trading.

By doing so, JERA gains the capability to rapidly adjust to unexpected domestic or international events. In effect, JERA becomes Japan’s energy insurance policy and, to a significant extent, the worlds.

At the same time, we will use the LNG value chain platform to build hydrogen and ammonia value chains capable of delivering a balanced transition to decarbonized power. We will complement this effort with the simultaneous development of large-scale renewable energy power.

Within these areas, I want to make sure that JERA has a presence in a wide range of energy supply options, including blue and green hydrogen & ammonia, fixed and floating offshore wind, onshore wind, solar power, and battery storage. Moreover, I want to optimize these different supply options to provide advanced, synergistic power solutions to JERA’s domestic and overseas end markets.

Of course, achieving this optionality will not only take several years but also require a massive amount of investment capital, business risk and global exposure. No single company can take on this challenge alone. Therefore, we want to establish partnerships with those domestic and overseas partners and persons best placed and most ready to transition to low or zero carbon energy.

Our company culture will be key to attracting the best partners and people. Our organization should champion cross-company communication, teamwork, idea generation and timely decision-making. These qualities enable issues to be repeatedly tackled and eventually overcome. I believe that a flat and diverse organizational culture will create an agile organization that is capable of building lasting win-win partnership networks.

We at JERA will continue to work with all our valued partners to lead the transition to zero carbon energy, starting from Japan.

Thank you.

Yukio Kani Global CEO and Chair

Yukio Kani
Global CEO and Chair

Message from the President, Director, CEO and COO

At JERA, we believe that the energy challenge facing Japan is to create new platform capable of delivering clean energy that is dependable and economical under any circumstances. JERA is committed to leading the way with a strong sense of social responsibility and the power of imaginative innovation.There are three things in particular on which we should focus our efforts for the time being.

The first is achieving zero CO2 emission thermal power. We will start by converting to hydrogen and ammonia at existing thermal stations to achieve a converting rate of more than 50% by the 2030s, and then replace this with zero CO2 emission thermal by the 2040s. Once we finish a large-scale demonstration test of 20% ammonia at Hekinan Thermal Power Station at the end of FY2023, we will promptly begin steps toward practical application and commercialization.

The second a supply platform that is strong even during emergencies. In order to achieve this, we will move forward with the power plant replacement and cooperate with related parties to establish a scheme that enables us to procure fuel flexibility and reliably even in times of emergency.

The third is providing new value through the use of digital technologies. JERA is dedicated to providing a diverse range of values to society that are flexible and environmentally friendly through renewable energy and zero-emission thermal power. We will take the lead in building digital platforms that allow fair and equitable trading of such values.

In order to ensure that these efforts are carried out, it is essential to have safe, disaster-resistant on-site capabilities as well as to coordinate our domestic and international operations from upstream to downstream.

Our robust joint management structure allows us to firmly coordinate our operations from the global to local levels. In doing so, we aim to increase our corporate value by solving energy problems experienced both in Japan and around the world.

Hisahide Okuda President, Director, CEO and COO

Hisahide Okuda
President, Director, CEO and COO