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To provide cutting edge solutions to the world’s energy issues

Through our global operations we bring the world’s leading energy solutions to Japan, helping to solve the energy issues facing the country. We seek to establish new energy supply models for Japan while also offering energy supply models established in Japan to other countries that face similar energy issues, helping to solve the world’s energy issues.


To scale up its clean energy platform of renewables and low greenhouse gas thermal power,
sparking sustainable development in Asia and around the world

To achieve decarbonization over the middle and long term while securing a stable electricity supply, JERA will, in addition to strengthening operations of the thermal power generation business it has cultivated over the years, establish a clean energy supply platform that utilizes digital technology to combine renewable energy and low greenhouse gas thermal power. By providing Asia and the world with a platform that achieves both supply stability and decarbonization, JERA aims to contribute to the sound growth and development of the world and maximize its corporate value.

Business Plan

We announced on May 2022, our new vision and business plan toward 2035
New Corporate Vision and Environmental Targets for 2035 (May 12 2022 press released)

JERA Establishes Financial Strategy and New Management Targets for FY 2025(May 12 2022 press released)

We announced on April 2019, our newly-formulated business plan, income/expenditure level and environmental policy for the period and after integration into us of the existing thermal power generation businesses of our shareholders.
New Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Level(April 2 2019 press released)