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Darwin LNG Project AUSTRALIA

The Darwin LNG Project is an LNG value chain project that involves the development and production of gas mainly from the Bayu-Undan Gas Field located 250km off the southern coast of East Timor and 500km off the coast of Darwin, Australia, as well as the pipeline transport and liquefaction of that gas.
In 2003, Tokyo Electric Power Company (since renamed and referred to herein as "TEPCO") and Tokyo Gas joined the project. The production and sale of condensate and LPG began in 2004, and the production and sale of LNG began in 2006.
This project was the first time a Japanese electric company was involved in the entire LNG chain of events from gas development and production to liquefaction, transport, regasification, consumption, and sales.
JERA succeeded to the project from TEPCO Fuel & Power in July 2016.

Darwin LNG Project Outline

Gas Field

Joint petroleum development in Australian/East Timor ocean territory 500km offshore from Darwin, Australia

250km off the southern shore of East Timor

Liquefaction Plant
Darwin, Northern Territory
Production Capacity
Approx. 3.7 MTPA
Supply Start

Condensate and LPG: 2004

LNG: 2006

Interest Stakes

Santos (68.4%), ENI (11.0%), INPEX (11.4%), JERA (6.13%), Tokyo Gas (3.07%)