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Diversity and InclusionSustainability

Our vision is summarized into the two core beliefs below:

  • The company must make every effort to help all employees and associates feel happy and motivated at JERA, to the benefit of themselves, their partners, families and communities.
  • Our Vision & Mission can only be achieved by happy and motivated employees and associates.

These two core beliefs can be broken down into four specific action items:

  1. Prioritize professional development and career opportunities for current and future employees.
  2. Use our employees' skills to break down barriers to building a next generation energy business.
  3. Develop new sustainable global energy solutions for future generations.
  4. Be recognized for our achievements by external stakeholders, locally and globally.

We will build a happy and motivated company capable of delivering exciting new solutions to the world in which we live.

Strategy for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

We will celebrate various types of diversity and prioritize good communication. We will also create an inclusive and fair culture in which everyone has opportunities to grow their skills and develop their career.

In addition to gender, we will work to promote national, ethnic and age diversity. In addition, as the organization becomes increasingly diverse, we will continue to implement initiatives to promote deep and meaningful inclusion.

The Progress so far

  • Formed a working group to promote Diversity and Inclusion
  • Released top management statement of commitment.
  • Strengthened promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) and established a dedicated organization
  • D&I Month 2020
  • Established a dedicated subsidiary company "JERA Miraiful"
  • Released quantitative female empowerment targets
    Initiated mesasures to promote female empowerment, including senior leader mentorship program
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ikumen Project
    Released "Ikuboss" declaration/ Initiated measures to promote paternity leave
  • Implemented customized training program aimed at accelerating male senior leader adoption of D&I initiatives.
  • D & I month 2021
  • Senior Managing Executive Officers release Accountability-focused D & I Action Statement
  • Launched Employee Networking Activities
  • Renovated and reopened Yokohama Strawberry Park as an employment facility for people with disabilities
  • Supported Tokyo Rainbow Pride
  • Launched JERA Pride Month to promote understanding of LGBTQ + issues
  • Participated in the Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau's initiative「"Association of Male Leaders to Support Women's Empowerment"」
  • Inaugurated "D & I Month 2022". Held a Family Day for JERA employees.
  • Promoted paternity leave by distributing the "Ikuboss Handbook" to employees.
Women's Empowerment

Increase the Percentage of Women in Leadership Positions

A key focus will be increasing the percentage of women in leadership positions. To do this, we have committed to the following numerical targets. These targets are supported by a range of internal career development, talent review and gender awareness initiatives.


JERA views female empowerment as fundamental to JERA's diversity and inclusion efforts and has implemented a range of initiatives.

FY 2021 FY 2022 (Jan.)
Percentage of female employees 7.1% 9.1%
Percentage of female Managers ※1 4.3%(34 Managers) 4.7%(45 Managers)
Number of female officers ※2 2 Directors 2 Directors
Percentage of Childcare leave utilization ※3 Male 10(14%)
Female 9(69%)
Male 42(30%)
Female 14(127%)
  1. Based on the number of managers affiliated to JERA (including those seconded to subsidiaries, etc.)
  2. Number of female officers and executive officers (including outside directors)
  3. Based on the sum of (number of plan users in the fiscal year)/(number of employees who had children in the fiscal year)

Participation by top management



  • Structured career development, inclusive of job rotation ※4
  • Training to foster awareness of career opportunities available to female employees
  • Senior leader sponsorship of female managers ※5

Developing future human resources

  • Collaboration with universities to develop future female leaders ※6
  1. 4 Provide women with opportunities to improve their management skills in preparation for promotion to management positions
  2. 5 Senior managers (sponsors) with influence within the organization provide support to high potential female managers, including awareness of career development opportunities, structured development and network building.
  3. 6 A three-day program was co-created with Ochanomizu University in Tokyo with the aim of "developing female leaders who can be active on the global stage". This program ran twice in May & June 2022.

Voice of a manager assigned to sponsorships

Akiko Tamba
Optimization Division
Optimization Management Group
General Manager, New Merchants Planning Section

The sponsorship system introduced in FY2022 is an initiative aimed at increasing the proportion of women in management positions by increasing the number of female managers.

As part of this initiative, I set career goals aimed at accessing future growth areas within the company and implemented action plans to achieve these goals based on the advice of sponsors and supervisors. In the process, I had various opportunities to grow management skills.

As an example, I participated in efforts to introduce ammonia for “JERA Zero Emissions 2050”, and had the opportunity to plan sales of zero-emission electricity and ammonia through the co-firing of ammonia at Hekinan Thermal Power Plant.

Large-scale co-firing of ammonia is an area which JERA has a domestic lead. It is also important for the national government's goal of achiveing carbon neutrality by 2050. Therefore, we are combining in-house knowledge and network to gain insights into how best to build a strong business in this area.

I believe that initiatives such as the Sponsorship Program will promote the participation of women and other diverse groups in management and further enhance JERA's corporate value.


Our company employs 42 foreign nationals from 18 countries within its corporate headquarters. We have launched the following initiatives to help them comfortably transition into and work at JERA.

Employees were asked to provide feedback on the emergency ration kits.
  • Providing opportunities for foreign employees to interact and exchange information online
  • Establishing a prayer room at the head office
  • Deploying Halal Food in company-designed emergency ration kits.
Disability, Impairment

In April 2021, the company established a specially incorporated subsidiary, “JERA Miraiful Co., Ltd.” to support the social participation and personal independence of people with disabilities.
As of April 2023, this subsidiary employed 30 staff members who are engaged in growing strawberries and flowers at Yokohama Strawberry Park. The work environment emphasizes mutual respect and recognition and concern for co-workers welfare.

Logo of JERA Miraiful
JERA Miraiful employees engaged in strawberry cultivation and flower planting
Sexual Orientation・Gender Identity

In the PRIDE Index 2022, which is recognized by the Work with Pride Secretariat, a voluntary organization, the following initiatives were recognized and awarded the PRIDE Index Silver.

  • Seminars were held to acquire basic knowledge about LGBTQ +.
  • Establishment and dissemination of consultation desks on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Launch of Allies in JERA, an employee network activity between the parties and Ally.
Lecture sponsored by Allies in JERA
"Get to know LGBTQ +!"
(Lecturer: Dorian Lollobrigida)
PRIDE Index Silver Certified Mark

Creating an Inclusive organization

  • Diversity management training for manager ※7
  • World Cafe ※8
  • D & I Month ※9
  • Seminars to promote diverse working arrangements based on personal situation.
  • Support employee network activities
  • D & I Family Day ※10
  • Paternity leave

Voice of Paternity leave Experience

Katsuoki Tsuchiya
Chiba Thermal Power Station
O&M Engineering Division

Family Structure:
Father, mother and three children
Childcare leave:
For one month after the birth of his third child

I took childcare leave for about a month when my third child was born. The most important factor in my decision was my desire to reduce the anxiety associated with the change in environment for our older children, and to reduce the burden on my wife.

I was initially hesitant to take paternity leave as I was working shifts at the power plant and did not want to inconvenience my colleagues. However, my boss strongly recommended that I took it. During the leave period, I looked after our two older children. I was able to see the extent to which they were concerned about the baby and its development. I think it was a very valuable experience.

The ability to undertake child care together at a time when my wife was facing many challenges meant that the atmosphere at home was very good. After paternity leave ended, this in turn helped me to return to work with peace of mind and a renewed focus.

I also heard from my superiors that taking a leave of absence had a positive impact on my work, particuallry in terms of enhanced information sharing and development within the team.

  • 7 Training is conducted on a variety of themes such as "D & I Basic Knowledge Input", "Unconscious Bias" and "Inclusive Leadership".
  • 8 World café-style workshops are held for employees from diverse backgrounds to discuss views on JERA and how the company can further improve.
  • 9 In order to deepen understanding of D & I promotion among employees, D & I Month has been set up. During the month, various seminars and events are organized for all employees.
  • 10 Family Day is held to deepen family members' understanding of company activities and work environment.


D & I Month/D & I Awards

JERA designated November as "D & I Month". Events are held that promote D&I concepts and encourage personal adoption. To date, the following initiatives have been implemented:


Lecture Themes Contents Dates
"Why isn't D & I accepted more quickly? ..."
Facilitator: Kaleidist K.K. President Tsukiko Tsukahara
In addition to introducing our company's D & I initiatives, a panel discussion was held by our company executives on how D & I promotion and employee happiness are linked. November 2022
"Get to know LGBTQ +!"
Facilitator: Durian Lollobrigida
Discussed his experience and what he has learned as an activist and what he would like us to take away. November 2022
"Significance of promoting women's empowerment and work-life balance"
Facilitator: WORK LIFE BALANCE Co., Ltd President Yoshie Komuro
Explained the significance of promoting female participation and the need for work-life balance December 2022
"What hinders D & I Equity for JERA?"
Facilitator: Kaleidist K.K. President Tsukiko Tsukahara
Discussed the progress of D & I in JERA from an external perspective. Presented good internal practice. November 2021
"Paternity leave is the first pin in bowling - why Ikuboss are required"
Facilitator: NPO corporation Fathering Japan Representative Director Tetsuya Ando
Lecture to emphasize the necessity of Paternity leave and management support. November 2021
"Using male influence to promote gender diversity"
Host: non-profit organization Catalyst
Panel discussion on the topic of women's empowerment by male executives of 3 companies including our company December 2021

【Internal Activities】

Event Names Contents Dates
D&I・Family Day Head Office and West Japan Branch held events to deepen employees' families and partners knowledge of the business November 2022
D&I Awards 2022 Internal D&I case studies were shared and excellence awards presented based on employee voting. In FY 2022, Sodegaura Thermal Power Plant, where all employees jointly issued a D & I Action Declaration, and Kawagoe Thermal Power Plant, which supported, JERA Miraiful, a special subsidiary established to promote employment of persons with disabilities, won awards. November 2022
Held Lunch Gathering on the theme of "Support for Working Parents & IKU Career" Hosted an open discussionon the challenges of balancing childcare with a career and set-up a participant network. November 2021
D&I Awards 2022 Internal D&I case studies were shared and excellence awards presented based on employee voting. In FY 2021, Sodegaura Thermal Power Plant, which focused on senior employee performance and self-disclosure, and the General Affairs Department, which included Halal foods within company-designed disaster emergency ration kits, won awards. November 2021
Event hosted by Catalyst
Group photo of Sodegaura Thermal Power Plant members, winners of the D&I Awards 2021 Excellence Award.