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Our CompanyMission / Vision / Business Plan


To provide cutting edge solutions to the world’s energy issues

Through our global operations we bring the world’s leading energy solutions to Japan, helping to solve the energy issues facing the country. We seek to establish new energy supply models for Japan while also offering energy supply models established in Japan to other countries that face similar energy issues, helping to solve the world’s energy issues.


Global leader in LNG and renewables, sparking the transition to a clean energy economy

As we look toward 2025, the energy solutions we offer will focus mainly on two businesses: the LNG value chain business and the large-scale renewable energy business. These businesses are complementary; renewable energy with variable power generation output is complemented by flexible, clean LNG thermal power generation. With demand expected to grow globally, particularly in Asia, we aim to become a leader in these two businesses.


Business Plan

We announced on April 2019, our newly-formulated business plan, income/expenditure level and environmental policy for the period and after integration into us of the existing thermal power generation businesses of our shareholders.
New Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Level(April 2 2019 press released)