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New Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Level2019/04/02

JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) announced today their newly-formulated business plan and income/expenditure level for the period after integration into JERA of the existing thermal power generation businesses of its shareholders.


The latest consolidation completes unification of the full value chain (from upstream fuel business and procurement through power generation and wholesaling of electricity/gas) under the umbrella of JERA.  Accordingly, the company’s business divisions have been streamlined according to function into “Business Development” with earnings coming from investments, “Optimization” with trading on the market as its source of revenue, and “O&M”* that obtains income by offering operation and maintenance services.  Each department will not only carry out its expected roles but will also pursue cross-functional synergies to achieve overall optimization at the corporate level and expand profits.  Through these initiatives, JERA project a consolidated net profit of JPY200 billion in fiscal 2025.


Under its New Mission “to provide cutting-edge solutions to the world’s energy issues” and its Future Vision to be a “global leader in LNG and renewables sparking the transition to clean energy economy”, JERA will work proactively to solve domestic and global energy issues and sustainably grow its enterprise value.


* Short for Operation and Maintenance activities performed at power generation facilities.



Attachment: Business Plan That Reflects Integration of the Existing Thermal Power Generation Businesses [PDF: 1.05 MB]