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Our Business / Thermal Power StationsMeasures against Heat Generation of Coal

Self-generating of Coal Heat

Depending on the brand, coal may generate spontaneous heat when stored for long periods of time. This may lead to spontaneous combustion; therefore, extreme attention must be paid when handling coal. We take measures to prevent the spontaneous heating of stored coal.

Measures against Spontaneous Heating in Coal Storage Area

  1. 1. Appropriate operation by understanding the properties of the coal before receiving coal brought in by ships are stored in a coal storage area. Before receiving coal at the fuel center of the coal storage area, its spontaneous heating is understood based on the ship’s data. Appropriate operation for the usage of the coal before beginning generating heat is then performed.
  2. 2. Temperature monitoring during storage (two-stage monitoring method)
    Given the large amount of coal handled, we have adopted a multi-stage temperature monitoring method to monitor the stored coal heaps.
  • During the multiple patrols done daily, the temperature of the coal heaps are measured with a simple thermometer.
  • If a trend of rising temperature is grasped, a wireless thermometer bar is installed on the coal heap and the temperature is monitored remotely from the fuel center.

When storing coal with highly spontaneous heating, remote temperature monitoring is performed by using a wireless thermometer bar after receipt.


Approach to Safety