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Our Business / Investment ProjectsTenaska Gas Thermal IPP Project

Investment Projects

Tenaska Gas Thermal IPP Project

In 2010, Chubu Electric Power Company (“Chubu”) and Itochu Corporation acquired partial interest in natural gas thermal power plants in the U.S. owned by Tenaska, Inc., an IPP giant in the U.S., through their joint investment company (TC Gen). JERA succeeded to this project from Chubu in July 2016.
The three power plants have long-term tolling agreements1and are expected to generate stable revenue. This project has become a foundation for the revenue required for business expansion, including new project development in the U.S.
Of these interests which JERA succeeded, the Alabama 2 Thermal Power Plant was sold to Alabama Power Company, in August 2020, and the Georgia Thermal Power Plant was sold to BlackRock, in December 2020.

  • 1Tolling agreement: A kind of power purchasing agreement between an IPP business and the power buyer that requires the power buyer to supply the fuel necessary to generate power and cover all fuel-related fees.

Project Outline

Power plant name Virginia Gateway Kiowa
Company name Tenaska Virginia Partners Tenaska Gateway Partners Kiowa Partners
Contracted output
(as of March 2018)
885MW 845MW 1,220MW
Location Fluvanna
Investors JERA, Tenaska, J-POWER, ITOCHU JERA, Osaka Gas, Mitsubishi Corporation, ITOCHU, Tenaska JERA, Tenaska, ITOCHU
Fuel Natural gas
Power plant type Combined-cycle gas turbine
Buyer Shell Energy North America
Operating since May 2004 July 2001 April 2003

Location of each power plant