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EGCO IPP Project

In 2011, Tokyo Electric Power Company (since renamed and referred to herein as “TEPCO”) and Mitsubishi Corporation created a joint company to invest in Thailand’s EGCO (Electric Generating Company Limited). EGCO’s largest shareholder is the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and owns various power generation assets in Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, and other Asian-Pacific countries with a total output of 4,170MW. EGCO’s power generation methods are diverse, ranging from gas thermal, coal thermal, and hydroelectric to wind, solar, and biomass.JERA succeed to this project from TEPCO Fuel & Power in July 2016.

Outline of EGCO

Company name EGCO
Established 1992
Location Thailand
Investors JERA,
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT),
Mitsubishi Corporation,
other investors (*Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand)
Power output
(as of March 2018)
Commissioned: approx. 4.260GW
Under construction: approx. 540MW

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