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Carroll County Gas Thermal IPP Project

In April 2015, Chubu Electric Power Company (“Chubu”) acquired the equity stake in Carroll County Energy, the operating company of a natural gas thermal power project in Ohio, U.S.A. Carroll County Energy is an independent power producer providing electricity through PJM1, America’s largest wholesale electricity market. The Carroll County natural gas thermal power plant (power output 702MW) started commercial operations in January 2018. This power plant supplys electricity to the northeastern U.S. using state-of-the-art high-efficiency equipment.
JERA succeeded to this project from Chubu in July 2016.

  • 1 PJM:Independent system operator serving all or parts of the 13 states in the north-eastern United States as well as in Washington D.C.

Project Outline

Company name Carroll County Energy

Carroll County, Ohio, U.S.A. (Approx. 100km northwest of Pittsburgh)

Power output 702MW (as of March 2018)
Power generation method Combined-cycle
Fuel Natural gas
Operating since January 2018
Investors JERA、AP、TIAA、Ullico、Prudential

Operating company’s homepage