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Our CompanyApproach to Safety

As an entity responsible for a significant portion of the stable supply of vital energy to the people of Japan, JERA is maintaining systems for preventing impediments and other problems with facilities at thermal power stations and fuel terminals in Japan in order to maximize their inherent capacity. We are also implementing health control based on our understanding that protecting the health of our employees and others is the crucial basis of our continued existence.

Safety Philosophy

Safety is the foundation of our business and the source of our enterprise value. We give the highest priority to safety in all our business activities.

The Mission of the JERA Group is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the world’s energy issues. To fulfill this mission, it is essential to conduct our business activities safely and supply energy in a stable manner.

To that end, the JERA Group will develop its business activities based on the premise of “Safety First" in its entire supply chain from fuel upstream investment/procurement to sales, and will work on further safety measures to ensure that everyone in society can have peace of mind.

Safety Policies

Based on the Safety Philosophy, the JERA Group will work on the following policies:

  1. 1. Create a safe and comfortable work environment.
  2. 2. Observe safe and appropriate operating procedures and rules.
  3. 3. Design, operate and maintain facilities with safety in mind.

Principles of Conduct

To realize our safety philosophy and policies, each and every employee will act in accordance with the following principles of conduct:

  1. 1. Work together across organizations and responsibilities to ensure safety.
  2. 2. Adopt what is considered to be safer when in doubt.
  3. 3. Continue constant efforts and initiatives to ensure safety.

Main Approach

Important Safety and Health Data

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of fatalities from industrial injuries 0 0 0
Number of fatalities from contract industrial injuries 0 1 0
Industrial injuries 51 69 70
Results of our company and domestic power generation subsidiaries absolutely owned by our company
  Industrial injuries : Injuries involving our company employees and employees of partner companies,
including injuries that do not result in medical leave