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JERA Group Policy against Anti-Social ForcesSustainability / Compliance

In accordance with the JERA Group Compliance Code Of Conduct, JERA Group has established and will comply with the following basic policy against anti-social forces:

  • We will not have any relationship with anti-social forces.
  • We will not respond to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces, regardless of the reason.
  • We will not engage in backroom deals with anti-social forces for the purpose of providing funds to them or covering up misconduct.
  • In the event of a demand from anti-social forces, we will take legal action from both a civil and criminal law perspective.
  • We will take all possible measures to ensure the safety of our officers and employees who encounter anti-social forces.
  • We will establish close relationships with external professional organizations, such as the police and lawyers, on a regular basis.
  • Under the direction and supervision of management, we will establish specific systems and measures to deal with anti-social forces, and the entire organization will respond resolutely to any unreasonable demands.