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Compliance Code of ConductSustainability / Compliance

1.Comply With the Law Based on a Heightened Sense of Ethics

Conscious of our obligations as a member of the global business community, we will comply fully with the law both in Japan and overseas and act with integrity based on a heightened sense of ethics befitting a global corporation.

Compliance with laws and regulations

  • We comply with the laws and regulations of Japan and of all places where we operate, and international rules, social norms and internal rules; and do not tolerate illegal acts or violation of rules even if they are done for the company's benefit rather than for the benefit of the individual.
  • We properly conduct accounting, financial reporting and tax reporting and payments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • We ensure the safety of our facilities by observing the safety rules that we have registered regarding our facilities with relevant authorities.

Act with integrity

  • We make sure to honor the contracts and agreements that we have made with our business partners and local communities of each country and region.
  • We steadily fulfill our responsibility to provide a stable energy supply.
  • When we engage in the construction, operation, and maintenance of facilities, we are keenly aware that society has entrusted us with the assurance of safety and security, and we are committed to fulfilling their expectations with a sincere attitude.

Modest courtesies, gifts and entertainment

  • We always maintain proper and healthy relationships with our business partners and do not provide them with money, gifts, entertainment or any other economic benefits that exceed good judgement.

Exclusion of antisocial forces

  • We respond to antisocial forces in a resolute manner and do not provide any benefits under any pretext.

Distinction between public and private matters

  • We never take advantage of professional duties or positions within the company for private benefit.

2.Protect and Respect Human Rights and Diversity

As an upstanding member of the global community, we will support the protection of human rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and respect the diverse cultures and customs of each country and region.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • With the understanding of "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights", we respect human rights in all aspects of our business activities.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status, or any other similar grounds.

Respect for diversity

  • We always strive to sufficiently understand the diverse cultures, customs, and histories of each country and region and respect them while conducting business activities.

3.Pursue Fair and Just Business Activities

Both domestically and abroad, we will go beyond merely complying with the law, acting to ensure fairness and justice in the pursuit of our trading and business activities.

Fair and just business activities

  • We uphold free trade and market competition and conduct fair business in accordance with the Antimonopoly Act and relevant domestic and international laws and regulations.
  • As equal partners with business counterparts, we build relationships of trust based on mutual understanding and close communication.
  • In our procurement activities, we provide open, fair and equal participation opportunities in both domestic and overseas markets and select suppliers through rational and transparent procedures.
  • The entire procurement process, from quotation, to order placement, delivery confirmation, and payment, is conducted appropriately in accordance with relevant internal rules.
  • We conduct transactions based on the understanding of and compliance with applicable trade treaties, and laws and regulations of each country and region.

4.Sincere Efforts to Take the Environment into Account

In our global business activities, we will comply with the environmental conservation laws of each country and region and take initiatives to reduce the burden on the environment.

Environmental conservation

  • As a global energy company, we fully recognize the need to protect the environment on a global scale and strictly comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region.

Reduction of environmental impact

  • We strive to build facilities that contribute to the effective use of resources and energy, and to minimize the environmental impacts in facility operations.
  • We fully understand the environmental impacts and risks associated with the climate change and strive to conduct business activities that contribute to the mitigation of climate change risks.

5.Maintain Appropriate Relationships with Politics and Government

We will engage in proper business activities, building and maintaining fair and open relationships with political and governmental counterparts in each country and region.

Appropriate relationships with political and governmental counterparts

  • We establish and maintain fair and open relations with the political and governmental counterparts of each country and region in compliance with domestic and international laws and regulations, and internal rules.

Prohibition of Bribery

  • We do not entertain, provide gifts, or provide any other economic benefits to public officials or anyone in an equivalent position, domestic or foreign.
  • We do not make such payments if we are aware that a portion of the payments made to agents or consultants, or any such parties, is being or is suspected of being diverted for the purpose of engaging in improper activities with public officials or persons in an equivalent position.

6.Reasonable and Reliable Management and Utilization of Information and Assets

We will manage the confidential information, personal information, and assets that we handle in the course of our business activities appropriately, observing related laws and internal regulations and utilizing them only for our business objectives.

Management and protection of information and assets

  • We accurately prepare documents and information related to business operations and manage them appropriately in accordance with internal rules.
  • Personal information is acquired and used appropriately in accordance with laws, regulations and internal rules, and is strictly managed to prevent leakage.
  • We strictly control confidential information to prevent leakage and unauthorized disclosure to third parties. The confidential information is used only for our business purposes.
  • We obtain external information by appropriate means and use it properly so as not to infringe the intellectual property right of others.
  • We properly protect internal information according to its value as intellectual property.

Preventing unauthorized use of assets and information

  • When using internal information systems, we comply with relevant regulations and do not use them illegally.
  • We do not engage in any insider trading based on non-public information.
  • We do not use the company's assets (equipment, supplies, loaned goods, money, intellectual property, etc.) for private purposes.

Appropriate investment and loan decisions

  • When investing in or lending to projects in Japan or overseas, we conduct sufficient preliminary research on the profitability of each project and other factors and follow the prescribed internal procedures for risk management.

7.Build a Safe and Positive Workplace Environment and a Healthy Corporate Culture

In addition to working to ensure the health and safety of our employees and building a pleasant, positive workplace environment, we will establish a healthy corporate culture that does not tolerate dishonest behavior.

Ensuring employee health and safety

  • Based on the understanding that ensuring health and safety is our top priority, we comply with laws and regulations concerning ensuring physical and mental health and safety.
  • We ensure safety assurance measures are applied in the formation, operation, and maintenance of facilities. We also pursue public safety and safety of personnel engaged in work at the facilities by ensuring that safety always comes first in work procedures and environment.
  • We take the best safety measures when we find any abnormalities or signs of danger.
  • In the event of an accident or disaster, we strive for prompt relief and recovery.

Healthy working environment

  • We respect the diversity of individuals, such as age, gender, mental and physical functions, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and strive to create a positive and employee-friendly workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and invasion of privacy.

Healthy workplace culture

  • If there is a problem that is difficult to solve at a workplace, the problem should be elevated to senior officials or a relevant organizational body for consultation.
  • If we find any violation of our standards, we immediately report it to senior officials or report it through the internal reporting system.
  • We cooperate as necessary in fact-finding investigations into acts that violate our standards.

Relationship with stakeholders

  • Aiming to be a global enterprise that is trusted by the society, we actively disclose accurate corporate information in a prompt manner to all stakeholders, including business partners, and members of the society in each country and region, and engage in interactive communication to ensure management transparency.

8.Directors and Management Lead by Example

Directors and management will not only serve as role models for employees by observing the JERA Group Corporate Ethics Policy themselves, but will also work to promote it internally to ensure that all employees act in accordance with its provisions.

Directors and management lead by example

  • Directors and managers take the initiative in complying with our standards and strive to serve as role models for other employees.

Creating an open working environment

  • Directors and managers always strive to create an atmosphere in which they can consult with each other and have open discussions in the workplace for early detection of concerns and raising awareness of issues.

Response to violations

  • In the event that a director or manager discovers or receives a report of an act that violates our standards, the director or manager promptly responds by investigating the facts and takes appropriate measures such as the implementation of measures to prevent a recurrence, and reprimands the persons concerned for the violation.

Protection of the reporters and person who support

  • Directors and managers ensure that those who report or consult on violations and those who cooperate with fact-finding investigations are not at a disadvantage because of their reporting or consultation.