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Coexistence with NatureSustainability / Environment

Considering the impact on the surrounding environment, measures against noise/vibration, industrial waste, landscape preservation, etc., are incorporated for protection.

〇Measures against noise/vibration:

Measures against noise and vibration such as proper placement of buildings and equipment, adoption of equipment for lowering noise/vibration, and installation of silencers/sound barriers are implemented.

〇Measures against industrial waste:

Manuals tailred to the business form of the thermal power stations are prepared to ensure proper disposal of waste. In addition, we actively promote effective use of waste byproducts such as coal ash generated by operating thermal power stations.

〇Measures for landscape preservation:

Regarding measures for landscape preservation at power stations, we are trying to harmonize with the local landscape while taking cost into consideration. For example, we have implemented landscape simulations for the chimneys and the main building and selected the shape, color, etc.
We are also actively involved in staying green and are striving to preserve the environment by planting trees at power station sites, etc., to harmonize with nature.

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Environmental Initiatives