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Our CompanyDiversity and Inclusion

Top Commitment

We lead a Company that views diversity and inclusion as essential for our employees well-being, our business success and ultimately our ability to make a positive contribution to society.

Chairman Toshihiro Sano,President Satoshi Onoda
Chairman Toshihiro Sano, President Satoshi Onoda

JERA's Vision is to become the "Global leader in LNG and renewables, sparking the transition to a clean energy economy". This requires executing our Mission, which is "to provide cutting edge solutions to the world's energy issues". These are exciting and revolutionary objectives. To achieve them JERA will continue to develop its entrepreneurial culture, embrace all talent and welcome new ideas and innovative thinking.

In particular, JERA will prioritize diversity and inclusiveness. JERA will promote "Inclusion" by involving and empowering all members, recognizing their inherent dignity and worth, sustaining a sense of belonging and respecting every person's talents, beliefs, background and lifestyle. We believe that "Diversity" encompasses the full range of human differences, inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values, national origin or political beliefs. JERA will endeavour to create a work environment in which every individual can fully contribute to the organization while maximizing their personal potential and professional growth.

Our vision is summarized into the two core beliefs below:

The company must make every effort to help all employees and associates feel happy and motivated at JERA, to the benefit of themselves, their partners, families and communities.

Our Vision & Mission can only be achieved by happy and motivated employees and associates.

These two core beliefs can be broken down into four specific action items:

  • 1. Prioritize professional development and career opportunities for current and future employees.
  • 2. Use our employees' skills to break down barriers to building a next generation energy business.
  • 3. Develop new sustainable global energy solutions for future generations.
  • 4. Be recognized for our achievements by external stakeholders, locally and globally.

We will build a happy and motivated company capable of delivering exciting new solutions to the world in which we live.

Strategy for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion


JERA will promote diversity and inclusion (D & I) with the vision of "ensuring the happiness of all employees and their families" and "accelerating growth that enhances enterprise value. We will celebrate various types of diversity, including gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, experience and expertise, and prioritize good communication. We will also create an inclusive and fair culture in which everyone has opportunities to grow their skills and develop their career.

・Increase the Percentage of Women in Leadership Positions

A key focus will be increasing the percentage of women in leadership positions. To do this, we have committed to the following numerical targets. These targets are supported by a range of internal career development, talent review and gender awareness initiatives.

・Overview of D & I Strategy

In addition to gender, we will work to promote national, ethnic and age diversity. In addition, as the organization becomes increasingly diverse, we will continue to implement initiatives to promote deep and meaningful inclusion.

Gender diversity

  • Systematic personnel training including personnel rotation*1
  • Training to develop awareness of specific career development challenges faced by female employees
  • Mentorship of female managers*2
  • Internal and external promotion by top management
  • *1 Provide customized opportunities for female managerial candidates to develop required management skills and competencies.
  • *2 Senior managers (sponsors) to actively mentor female managers and support achievement of specified career goals by identifying and prioritizing access to training, development and networking opportunities.

Creating an inclusive organization

  • Diversity management training for managers*3
  • World Cafe*4
  • D & I Month*5
  • Seminars to promote diverse working arrangements based on personal situation.
  • *3 Training is conducted on a variety of themes such as "D & I Basic Knowledge Input", "Unconscious Bias" and "Inclusive Leadership".
  • *4 World café-style workshops are held for employees from diverse backgrounds to discuss views on JERA and how the company can further improve.
  • *5 In order to deepen understanding of D & I promotion among employees, D & I Month has been set up. During the month, various seminars and events are organized for all employees.