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Our CompanyCorporate Governance

We at JERA are promoting various corporate governance reforms in order to develop a unique corporate culture with strong and sound management/financial structures trusted by the global market, and a corporate governance system that enables independent business operations and swift decision-making.
We marked a milestone in April 2019 with the integration of our existing thermal generation businesses in Japan and the unification of the entire value chain from upstream investment to fuel procurement, power generation, and sales of electricity and gas.
With this business integration, we have enhanced our internal organizational structure and governance system, as well. We will continue to implement reforms to establish and further develop corporate governance suitable for a global company.

  1. Corporate Governance Guidelines

    In September, 2017, the Board Charter was established to ensure such management structure and enhance transparency in its corporate governance.
    Based on the strengthening of the above governance system, JERA revised the Board Charter and established new Corporate Governance Guidelines in October 2019. The new Guidelines set forth basic concepts and the system for the corporate governance and provide action guidelines for the governance of JERA.

  2. Expert Advisory Board

    The Expert Advisory Board has been established in JERA since 2017, which provides the Directors and the Management with access to global experts in the core areas of JERA’s business. It aims to strengthen JERA’s core values, “diversity” and “excellence”; and broaden JERA’s network of global contacts.

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