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Our Company / Investor RelationsIR Calendar

(Last updated: May 27, 2020)

FY2020(April 1,2020-March 31,2021)

Date Event
May 27, 2020 Announcement of FY2019 Financial Results

Before March 31,2020

Date Event
February 4,2019 Announcement of “New Management and Organizational Structure along with Integration of Existing Thermal Power Generation Businesses”
April 2,2019 Announcement of "New Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Level"
April 3,2019 Investors Meeting on New Business Plan
April 26,2019

Announcement of FY2018 Financial Results

July 31,2019

Announcement of FY2019 1st Quarter Financial Results

October 31,2019
(November 14,2019)

Announcement of FY2019 2nd Quarter Financial Results
(Announcement of revised version)

January 31,2020
(February 14, 2020)

Announcement of FY2019 3rd Quarter Financial Results
(Announcement of revised version)