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Press Release

JERA Has Concluded an Agreement to Sell its Shares in Natural Gas Thermal IPP Projects in Mexico


JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) has concluded an agreement to sell its entire roughly 20% stake in MT Falcon Holdings C.V. (“MT Falcon”), which operates five natural gas thermal IPP projects in Mexico, to Actis GP LLP.


Procedures for the sale are expected to be completed by March 2022 subject to approval by Mexican government authorities.


JERA will continue to renew its portfolio going forward, selling assets and reinvesting the proceeds as it optimizes its asset allocation for compatibility with a changing business environment and seeks to expand earnings.



Overview of MT Falcon

Operating company: MT Falcon Holdings C.V.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Generation capacity: 2,233MW (total of the five power plants)

Generation type: Natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generation

Commercial operation:  Saltillo: 2001, Altamira II: 2002, Rio Bravo II: 2002, Rio Bravo III: 2004, Rio Bravo IV: 2005



Overview of Actis GP LLP

Location: The United Kingdom

Established: 2004

Details: Actis is a global investor in sustainable infrastructure with a focus in the hard assets space including energy infrastructure, digital infrastructure and real estate.