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Press Release

JERA’s Measures to Address the Spread of COVID-19


In response to the spread of COVID-19, JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) is taking the measures needed to continue its business activities and to maintain a stable supply of electricity.


Basic Approach

As a leading energy company that operates globally and owns roughly half the thermal power plants in Japan, JERA contributes to society by continuing to provide a stable supply of energy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the safety and health of the people, our employees, and their families as our highest priority, our approach is grounded in thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection in our workplaces, reduction or suspension of unnecessary or nonurgent operations as the situation develops, and concentration of resources on the operations most important for the continuation of our business.


Protecting Safety and Health and Achieving a Stable Energy Supply

The specific measures JERA has drawn up seek to "prevent infection and spread" and to "maintain business continuity after the spread of infection." Currently, JERA is implementing measures to prevent infection and spread, and is preparing to transition to measures to maintain business continuity after the spread of infection.


For example, at domestic thermal power plants and terminals essential to providing a stable supply of electricity, measures to prevent infection and spread include the strict enforcement of health monitoring for operators, the prohibition of access to control rooms by non-operators, and the reduction of contacts between operators and non-operators by securing a space exclusively for operators. As a measure to maintain business continuity after the spread of infection, JERA is preparing replacement teams of experienced operators for each power plant.


At its headquarters and branch offices in Japan, JERA is working to prevent infection by reducing or suspending some unnecessary and nonurgent work and encouraging employees to stagger work hours or telework. Beginning in March, important meetings such as those of the Executive Committee have, as a general rule, been conducted over the Internet. Meanwhile, JERA is preparing for post-infection conditions by identifying the minimum operations and minimum number of personnel necessary to maintain business continuity.


At its overseas locations, JERA is complying with instructions from each country’s national government and taking measures to prevent the spread of infection comparable to those at headquarters and branch offices in Japan.


Details of these measures can be found in the appended "Addressing Risks to a Stable Electricity Supply Due to COVID-19."


Addressing a Changing Business Environment

Going forward, the spread of COVID-19 brings the risk of declining electricity demand and fluctuations in fuel prices, but we believe that the efficient operation of power plants and the optimization of fuel transactions will make it possible to minimize the impact of such risks. JERA has secured sufficient cash on hand and capital in preparation for plague or natural disaster and believes it is capable of responding appropriately to the risks expected from the current situation.


Depending on the future prevalence of COVID-19, some of the activities outlined in the business plan may be restricted. JERA will continue to monitor the progress of the spread of COVID-19, and will announce any material new impact on our business, or measures taken, as conditions require.


The JERA Group will work together to continue to provide a stable supply of energy by taking necessary measures in accordance with changes in the business environment, in addition to the measures currently in place.


Appendix: Addressing Risks to a Stable Electricity Supply Due to COVID-19[PDF: 142.92 KB]