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Press Release

Commencing Commercial Operation of "Formosa 1" Offshore Wind Power Project in Miaoli County, Taiwan


"Formosa 1," an offshore wind power project in Miaoli County, Taiwan in which JERA Co., Inc. participates, started commercial operation on 27 December 2019.


Phase 1 (8MW) of the Formosa 1 project began operation in April 2017, and construction of Phase 2, a large-scale offshore wind power plant of 120MW, has been underway since June 2018.


Since joining the project in February 2019, JERA has helped ensure a smooth launch by dispatching engineers to the operating company while acquiring knowledge and experience in the construction of offshore wind power plants.


Going forward, through the stable operation of Formosa 1 and by taking part in the separate “Formosa 2” offshore wind power project from its initial construction stage, JERA will gain additional experience and work to promote the use of renewable energy.


By participating simultaneously in projects at different stages of development in Taiwan, whose natural conditions are similar to those of Japan, JERA aims to establish a foundation for proactively developing large-scale offshore wind power project both in Japan and overseas.



Reference: Outline of offshore wind power projects in Taiwan


Formosa 1

(Reference) Formosa 2


(share ratio*)

Ørsted (35%), Macquarie (25%), Swancor (7.5%), JERA (32.5%)

Macquarie (26.0%),

Swancor (25.0%), JERA (49.0%)


Approx. 2-6 km off the coast of Miaoli County, Taiwan

Approx. 4-10 km off the coast of Miaoli County, Taiwan


128 MW

376 MW

No. of generators

22 units

47 units

Commercial operation

December 2019

Except for 2 units that started operations in April 2017, with generating output of 8MW

End of 2021 (Target)

*Share ratio for Formosa 2 reflects completion of JERA’s acquisition from Macquarie