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Press Release

JERA Becomes Special Sponsor for Central League Games During the 2020 Nippon Professional Baseball Regular Season


JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) has become a special sponsor of all 375 official Central League games during the 2020 Nippon Professional Baseball regular season.


JERA agrees with the business objectives of Nippon Professional Baseball: “to contribute, through the promotion of baseball, to the development of sport, the prosperity of Japan, and international goodwill.” The Central League attracted 14.86 million spectators during the 2019 season, an all-time record, and JERA has decided to support, as a special sponsor, the league’s ongoing efforts to steadily develop baseball. This is the first time the Central League has sought special sponsors for official regular season games.


JERA will announce further details including the official sponsorship title, logo, and initiatives as they are finalized.


JERA believes that this sponsorship will, through the national sport of baseball, drive the promotion of culture and sport and contribute to JERA’s name recognition and enterprise value.