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Press Release

Commission Received to Work on the Mozambique Electric Power Master Plan Development Project


JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) is pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (“JICA”) to perform work on the Mozambique Electric Power Master Plan Development Project. This project is the first overseas consulting work we have accepted.

In Mozambique, a high GDP growth rate and steady progress in electrification has brought increased electric power consumption, rising most recently at an annual rate of about 9%. In order to meet this significant increase in demand for electricity, Mozambique is said to need systematic electric power facility improvements grounded in appropriate demand forecasts and energy supply plans.

The project scope is to draw up, in light of such conditions, a middle- to long-term plan for the development of electric power facilities in Mozambique (the Electric Power Master Plan). JERA staff will be dispatched to perform their research and to move forward in drawing up the master plan by the conclusion of the work period in November 2017.

Going forward, JERA will draw on the experience and expertise it has cultivated in the fuel and energy infrastructure businesses both overseas and in Japan as it engages in the overseas consulting business. Through such efforts we will contribute to the development of the electric power business overseas, with an emphasis on developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Overview of Commission

Project Area Mozambique
Project Period November 2016 – November 2017
Project Overview
  • ・Draw up a comprehensive 25-year electric power master plan that incorporates plans for electric power development, a power transmission system, and power distribution plans
  • ・Transfer skill related to methods of planning power generation, transmission, and distribution to our counterparts in Mozambique.