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Press Release

Submission, Public Review, and Public Meetings on the Environmental Scoping Document for the Yokosuka Thermal Power Station New Units 1 and 2 Construction Plan


JERA Co., Inc. ("JERA") is moving forward in replacing aging equipment at thermal power plants in Japan with state-of-the art, high efficiency equipment. These replacements will help JERA to achieve its goal of delivering a globally competitive supply of energy, and contributing to a low carbon society.

Today, JERA submitted the Environmental Scoping Document1 for the Yokosuka Thermal Power Station New Units 1 and 2 Construction Plan (the “Scoping Document”) to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, and the Mayor of Yokosuka City. The submission of the Scoping Document is pursuant to the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and Electricity Business Act.

The Scoping Document, based on opinions received during the planning phase, describes the project’s content and objectives; the area where the project will be implemented and its surroundings; and the items in the Environmental Impact Assessment as well as its survey, forecast and evaluation methods.

The Scoping Document will, beginning on 21 October, be made available for public review at the related administrative agencies listed in Attachment 2 and posted on JERA’s website. Public meetings will be held on 13 and 18 November.

Those with opinions on the Scoping Document from the standpoint of environmental conservation may submit them via post to the address shown in Attachment 2.

JERA will move the project steadily forward under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other related authorities, giving due consideration to the opinions of local residents.

  • 1 Environmental Scoping Document:
    The second of four phases stipulated under the Environmental Impact Assessment Law.

Attachment 1: Outline of Yokosuka Thermal Power Station Replacement Plan [PDF 19KB]

Attachment 2: Public Review of the Environmental Scoping Document [PDF 57KB]