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Press Release

Conclusion of MOU between JERA and Pavilion Gas on Joint LNG Collaboration


JERA Co., Inc. is delighted to announce that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Pavilion Gas Pte Ltd ("Pavilion Gas") for collaboration on joint LNG business.

Pavilion Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd, is responsible for the marketing, trading and distributing of natural gas. The company also manages downstream natural gas operations for both PNG and LNG in Singapore.

Under this MOU, JERA and Pavilion Gas will discuss and seek opportunities for mutual collaboration on joint LNG business. This includes possible joint procurement of LNG as well as collaboration relating to the optimisation of LNG shipping and storage capacity.

LNG demand in Southeast Asia is expected to grow continuously, supported by firm economic development. In addition, various Asian countries including Singapore are engaging in efforts to establish an Asian LNG Hub. An Asian LNG Hub is expected to make LNG transactions and movements more vibrant and transparent.

JERA, in co-operation with leading companies including LNG buyers from both within and outside Japan, will make efforts to enhance its procurement activities.