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Investment in Immaterial, a UK Company with Gas Adsorption Technology2023/09/20

JERA Co., Inc., through JERA Ventures, has invested approximately one million pounds in Immaterial, a UK company.


Immaterial aims to accelerate the energy transition with its novel and low-cost CO2 capture and hydrogen storage technologies. A spinout from Cambridge University, Immaterial develops and produces monolithic metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) designed for the separation and storage of gas molecules. MOFs are organic-inorganic hybrid materials developed as adsorbents to separate and store H2, CO2, or other chemical compounds from industrial mixed gas streams. Immaterial has the patents to make monolithic MOFs; their advanced production technology makes MOFs industrially robust while having higher adsorption capacity, leading to lower operating and capital costs. 


As JERA seeks to achieve, by 2050, virtually zero CO2 emissions from their operations in Japan and overseas, it faces challenges including cost reduction of the transportation and storage of hydrogen energy and recovery technology for CO2. The MOFs developed by Immaterial have the potential to accelerate the resolution of these challenges.


Through JERA Ventures, JERA will support startup growth and cocreation as a good partner by offering the value of our strengths as one of the world’s largest energy companies—such as our facilities and our LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia value chains—for proof-of-concept* or verification testing using actual equipment.


*    Proof of concept: A stage of verification prior to prototype development that tests the feasibility of a new concept, theory, principle, or idea or whether it can achieve the desired effects.