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Results of Emergency Inspections Conducted at JERA Thermal Power Stations that Use Woody Biomass Fuel2024/02/02

In light of the fire that occurred on 31 January at Taketoyo Thermal Power Station (Taketoyo-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture), JERA has conducted emergency inspections at Hekinan Thermal Power Station (Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture) and Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station (Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture), which use similar woody biomass fuel, to confirm the safety of their facilities.


Today (2 February), we announce that these emergency inspections have been completed and that no abnormalities were found in the series of facilities used from receiving woody biomass fuel to its storage, transport by belt conveyor, and supply to the boiler at either Hekinan Thermal Power Station or Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station.


Inspection Targets and Content 

•    The presence or absence of abnormalities in machinery or equipment that could be potential sources of ignition (motors, speed reducers, rollers, etc.).
→ We performed visual inspections and confirmed there were no abnormal sounds.

•    The presence or absence of clogging in dust collector filters.
→ We confirmed there was no filter clogging.

•    Biomass dust cleanliness
→ We confirmed there was no material accumulation of dust in the vicinity of the series of facilities related to biomass fuel. In addition, we will move forward with systematic cleaning of locations where slight accumulations of dust were found. 

•    Biomass pellet temperature in storage
→ We confirmed there were no problems with biomass pellet temperature.


To ensure peace of mind for the local community and all other stakeholders, safety will remain our highest priority in operating our thermal power plants going forward.