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Heads of Agreement for the sale of Low Carbon Hydrogen/Ammonia produced in US with German company Uniper2023/09/05

JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”), through its subsidiary JERA Americas Inc., has signed a Heads of Agreement with Uniper Global Commodities S.E. ("Uniper") in Germany and ConocoPhillips in the United States for the sale to Uniper of low carbon hydrogen/ammonia produced in the US.


JERA, in cooperation with ConocoPhillips, has signed an MOU(announced on September 5, 2022)with Uniper for the procurement and sale of low carbon hydrogen/ammonia produced in US. This HOA is the next step after signing of MOU.


Germany has formulated a national hydrogen strategy for decarbonization and has indicated that it will proceed with hydrogen procurement from overseas in anticipation of increasing hydrogen demand in Germany. Ammonia, a derivative of hydrogen, is also targeted, and our company will contribute to the implementation and decarbonization of the hydrogen society in Germany and Europe by supplying ammonia to Uniper, a major German energy company. 


To supply low carbon hydrogen/ammonia, our company, in collaboration with ConocoPhillips, is developing a manufacturing base in the US Gulf Coast that will produce hydrogen on a large scale and convert it into ammonia. We aim to start commercial production at the end of the 2020s at a plant with an initial production capacity of approximately 2 million tons per year and will accelerate the study of the basic design. 
As for low carbon hydrogen/ammonia produced in the US, we will consider supplying it not only to Europe, including Uniper, but also to Japan and other Asian countries in the future.


JERA will contribute to global decarbonization and the solution of energy issues by making and expanding its low carbon hydrogen/ammonia supply chain in cooperation with leading domestic and overseas companies in order to realize JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050.