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JERA Completes Shares Transfer in Formosa 3 Offshore Wind Project2023/06/02

JERA Co., Inc. announced the completion of share transfer with Corio Generation for its joint venture partnership at Formosa 3 Offshore Wind Project (Formosa 3) in Changhua, Taiwan.


After three years of intensive involvement as a joint sponsor that established the foundation for the project’s future success and the momentum for moving forward, JERA decided to transfer all its shares  as a result of the careful assessment for optimizing JERA’s investment portfolio while continuing our participation in the existing energy projects in Taiwan.


JERA will continue to focus on delivering of Formosa 2 and operating both its Formosa 1 and Formosa 2 wind farms with joint venture partners.  


Looking towards the future, JERA is committed to promoting renewable energy and expanding its business footprint worldwide with its strong talents, accumulated experience, and collaborative partnerships it has established in Taiwan as the backbone for future global development. Combining the endeavor in renewable energy and low CO2 emission thermal power, JERA aims to spark sustainable development around the world including Asia and Europe.