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Commencement of Joint Study on Ammonia Co-firing in Republic of the Philippines, Aboitiz Power's Coal-Fired Power Plant for Decarbonization of the company2023/02/10


JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) has today signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Aboitiz Power Corporation (“Aboitiz Power”), a subsidiary of the leading conglomerate group, Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc., to commence a joint study on ammonia co-firing for the decarbonization of its business in the presence of His Excellency Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., President of the Republic of the Philippines.

JERA has invested in Aboitiz power through JERA Asia Pte. Ltd. in December 2021 and has been striving to accelerate decarbonization of in Philippines. The MOU stipulates to study feasibility of ammonia co-firing in coal-fired power plants in which Aboitiz Power has been investing and development of hydrogen and ammonia supply chain in Philippines for the decarbonization of Aboitiz Power:


Both companies will consider the possibility of ammonia co-firing at Aboitiz Power's coal-fired power plants which will be a trigger for decarbonization of Aboitiz Power, and will scrutinize target power plants for ammonia co-firing and the co-firing rate.


As a global company providing cutting-edge solutions to the world's energy problems, JERA will contribute to the growth and development of Philippines and the world, especially Asia, by providing a clean energy platform that combines renewables and low greenhouse gas thermal power.