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Collaboration with EGCO Group (Thailand) on its Decarbonization and Ammonia Co-firing at Coal-Fired Power Plant2023/01/12


JERA Co., Ltd., (“JERA”), has announced that its subsidiary, JERA Asia Pte. Ltd. ("JERA Asia"), will collaborate with Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group, a major power generation company in Thailand, to cooperate in studies to decarbonize its business and co-firing using ammonia at a coal-fired power plant.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between JERA Asia and EGCO Group at the January 12th Japan - Thailand Energy Policy Dialogue (JTEPD) meeting stipulates that the two parties will work together to achieve the following initiatives for EGCO Group's decarbonization:


    Developing a roadmap toward carbon neutral upon the usage of hydrogen and ammonia
    Developing hydrogen and ammonia supply chain in Thailand
    Studying and exploring opportunities for the implementation of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology in Thailand
    Assessing the feasibility for ammonia co-firing at a coal-fired power plant in which EGCO Group owns 50% shares


For ammonia co-firing at a coal-fired power plant, JERA has signed an MOU with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (“MHI”), Mitsubishi Corporation, BLCP Power Limited, EGCO Group, and Banpu Power Public Company Limited (“BPP”) to jointly study the technical application, economic evaluation, and CO2 reduction plan for up to 20% ammonia co-firing at BLCP coal-fired power plant (1,434 MW) of BLCP Power Limited, a joint-venture (50:50) between BPP and EGCO Group.


Mr. Toshiro Kudama, Chief Executive Officer, JERA Asia Pte. Ltd., said, “JERA is focused on providing cutting edge solutions to the world’s energy issues and strengthening the value chains for greener fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen. Through this collaboration, we will support EGCO Group’s decarbonization efforts while also considering additional opportunities for advancing technology development in Thailand. This MOU allows JERA to leverage its experience and capabilities to help both EGCO Group and Thailand to reach their emissions targets,”


Mr. Thepparat Theppitak, EGCO Group’s President, said, “This MOU will facilitate the implementation of EGCO Group’s mid-term goal to reduce carbon emission intensity of its power plant portfolio by 10% within 2030. Additionally, it is in line with EGCO Group’s business direction “Cleaner, Smarter and Stronger to Drive Sustainable Growth” which aims to promote sustainable growth over the long term and achieve carbon neutral by 2050 in support of the global low-carbon goals.”


JERA is working to establish the technology for ammonia co-firing by 20% at the Hekinan Thermal Power station, and is working with MHI to conduct demonstration projects aimed at achieving a co-firing ratio of more than 50%. In addition to these initiatives, JERA can contribute to the decarbonization of Thailand with its expertise in ammonia and power plant operations.


The Thai government has announced in its National Energy Plan that it aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and net zero by 2065, and it is expected to strengthen cooperation with Japan on hydrogen, ammonia, and other decarbonizing technologies.
As a global company providing cutting-edge solutions to the world's energy problems, JERA will contribute to the growth and development of Thailand and the world, especially Asia, by providing a clean energy platform that combines renewables and low greenhouse gas thermal power.