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Commercial Operation Begins at Taketoyo Thermal Power Station Unit 52022/08/05

Taketoyo Thermal Power Station Unit 5, where JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) has been engaged in replacement work through its subsidiary JERA Power Taketoyo G.K., began commercial operation today.


Thermal Power Station Unit 5 is a high-efficiency coal-fired power station that uses an ultra-supercritical (USC) power generation system. With a generating capacity of 1,070MW, it contributes to the stability of the electricity supply. By co-firing woody biomass fuel, it reduces CO2 emissions as much as possible to mitigate environmental impact.


JERA will continue to move steadily forward in replacing aging equipment with state-of-the-art power stations as it works to contribute to the stable supply of electricity and to reduce CO2 emissions.


Overview of Taketoyo Thermal Power Station


Taketoyo Thermal Power Station Unit 5


1-1 Ryugu, Taketoyo-cho, Chita County, Aichi Prefecture

Power output



Coal and woody biomass fuel

Power generation system

Ultra-supercritical (USC) power generation system



Taketoyo Thermal Power Station
Turbine Generator