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Feasibility Study under NEDO Program on Ammonia Co-firing in Thermal Power Generation Facility2020/03/27

IHI Corporation, JERA Co., Inc., Marubeni Corporation (all companies hereinafter, the “3 companies”) , in cooperation with Woodside Energy Ltd., have contracted with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (hereinafter, “NEDO”) to participate in a feasibility study on the co-firing of ammonia in commercial thermal power plants which is an additional study scope under “Advanced Research on Technology for Ammonia Co-firing Thermal Power Generation”.


The purpose of the project is to evaluate possible applications for the co-firing of ammonia in thermal power plants by conducting studies and evaluations on the economics for required facilities including ammonia production and transportation.


Ammonia can efficiently transport and store hydrogen at low cost and in addition to its role as an energy carrier, it can be directly used as fuel in thermal power generation. As ammonia does not emit carbon dioxide at the time of combustion, it is expected to greatly benefit the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


The study will conduct a technical study necessary for a trial for direct usage of ammonia as a fuel source for existing thermal power plants. In addition, it will evaluate the economics of equipment cost, operational cost, and cost for the production and transportation of ammonia, as well as evaluate other possible applications.


The 3 companies aim to contribute to the further reduction of carbon dioxide emission through the promotion and social implementation of hydrogen energy including ammonia.


Attachment:Overview of Feasibility Study[PDF: 79.33 KB]