JERA Upstream

Fuel investment and participation for greater business expansion.

JERA Fleet

Expanding our transport fleet to realize optimized operation while securing LNG without destination restrictions.

JERA Power

Thermal power generation is our mainstream with many upgrade replacement projects.


Utilizing know-how of power plant operation management and technical support globally.

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Wheatstone Platform (image courtesy of Chevron Australia)

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JERA's Fleet; "Bishumaru"

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Paiton Coal Thermal IPP

Our Business

JERA will broaden the scope of its business domains by investing strategically and integrating the value chain from upstream fuel investment and procurement through power generation.
JERA would also pursue the most efficient operation in fuel procurement, fuel trading and operation of the thermal power plants by expanding businesses in areas and broadening business domain, utilizing know-how of TEPCO and Chubu Electric, and optimizing the value-chain.


Synergy Creates Energy
Integrating Two Electric Companies
Gives Birth to a New Energy

Synergies generated by the integration,
across all value chains, of the TEPCO
and Chubu Electric power generation and fuel businesses
are the driving force of a new global enterprise.
President Yuji Kakimi explains the business model
that will carry JERA forward into a new era in energy.