Achieve a robust fuel value chain underpinned by world top-class offtake volume to emerge as a global leader in the fuel market.

We will achieve an integrated value chain of the conventionally divided energy business in order to further enhance the competitiveness of LNG and other fuel procurement and create a system that can withstand changes to the business. In addition, we will make efforts to optimize the value chain from various aspects surrounding the fuel business and lead the transformation of the fuel market.

Upstream Fuel Investment

Careful selection and participation in high quality projects

We will steadily develop our business through identifying high-quality projects and pursuing strategic investment geared toward the increased future demand of LNG. As well as creating stable revenues, it will also improve resilience against fluctuating resource prices. Leveraging upstream LNG participation will also contribute to the expansion of the trading business.

Fuel Procurement

Enhancing competitiveness underpinned by world top-class offtake volume

Taking advantage of world top-class offtake volume, we will ensure stable, economic, flexible fuel procurement. We are building a procurement portfolio for the future with a well-balanced combination of short-term / spot contracts, which excel in resilience, and long-term contracts, which excel in stability and economical efficiency, and creating a procurement system that responds to changes in the world adeptly.

Fuel Trading

Realizing well-timed and flexible procurement

While realizing well-timed and flexible procurement, we are also ramping up sales to third parties. In April 2017, JERA Trading Singaporeļ¼ˆat that time, current JERA Tradingļ¼‰ acquired EDF Trading's coal and freight business which enables us to operate coal trading on a global basis. We will leverage the know-how gained from coal trading into the gas and LNG sector, etc..

Fuel Transport

Expansion of our transport fleet

We will secure LNG, with its unrestricted destinations and high fluidity, and achieve optimal operation with the expansion of our transport fleet. In terms of profit, we will invest in vessel ownership securing stable profits.

Synergy Effects

List of projects (as of January 2018)

List of projects