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Our CompanyDirectors & Officers

Directors & Officers

(as of 1 April 2019)


Chairman Toshihiro Sano
Toshihiro Sano
President Satoshi Onoda
Satoshi Onoda
Title Name Area of Responsibility
Senior Corporate Vice President,
Hendrik Gordenker Chief Global Strategist
Corporate Vice President, Director Yukio Kani Chief Operating Officer,
Business Development Department
Corporate Vice President, Director Shunichiro Ide Chief Operating Officer,
O&M Department
Managing Executive Officer, Director Kazuo Sakairi Chief Financial Officer,
Finance and Accounting Department
Director* David Macfarlane​
Director* Mike Winkel​
Director* Akihisa Mizuno
Director* Seiji Moriya
  • * Non-executive Director


Titile Name
Corporate Auditor Shigeyoshi Araki
Corporate Auditor Hideo Oishi
Corporate Auditor Minako Fujiie

Managing Executive Officer

Name Area of Responsibility
Hisahide Okuda Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Strategy Department
Sami BEN JAMAA Global Chief Information and Digital Officer
Masahiro Takizawa Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources and General Affairs Department
Hiroki Sato Senior Operating Officer, Business Development Department
James H. Vigil Senior Operating Officer, Business Development Department
Toshiro Kudama JERA Energy Development Asia CEO
Sunao Nakamura Chief Operating Officer, Optimization Department
Tetsuya Watabe Senior Operating Officer, Optimization Department
Shintaro Uzawa Senior Operating Officer, O&M Department
Masayuki Ishida Head of the East Japan Branch
Tatsunori Miwada Head of the West Japan Branch