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Our Company / Corporate GovernanceExpert Advisory Boards

JERA is forming Expert Advisory Board ( “EAB”) that will provide expert advice to JERA’s management on honing and implementing its strategy, and its further development as a leading global company in its business domain. EAB will bring together external advisors who are recognized as leaders in the industry.

  1. EAB Purpose and Structure

    The EAB is established by the Board for the purpose of:

    • providing the all Directors and Management access to global experts in the core areas of JERA’s business, in order to:

      ・obtain a global perspective on international trends and JERA’s strategic approach in addressing these trends
      ・provide a forum to discuss and obtain a global perspective on key management and business issues
      ・accelerate the development of JERA as a leading global energy company

    • strengthening JERA’s core values of “diversity” and “excellence”
    • broadening JERA’s network of global contacts and strengthening JERA’s reputation
  2. The EAB will act in an advisory capacity and report directly to the Board and executive management. The EAB is expected to do far more than just provide views on general trends. Rather, JERA engages the EAB members in in-person meetings and substantive discussion of the key business issues that JERA faces. For more detail about JERA’s management, please see:“Directors & Officers”

    EAB member

    The Board has established the EAB, which has started operating in April 2017. Below is an outline of this EAB’s members:

    Paul Hanrahan
    Paul is the CEO of Globeleq, engaged in renewable and thermal power generation in Africa. Previously, he was the CEO of AES Corporation, a global power producer and of America Capital Energy & Infrastructure, a private equity firm investing in developing market economies.

    Antonio Volpin
    As a Senior Partner, Antonio currently leads McKinsey's practice for Electric Power and Natural Gas in Asia Pacific, after having led the practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Currently based in Singapore, he has been serving clients globally with a focus on Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia regions.

    John Rittenhouse
    John was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Trading Limited. With more than 40 years of experience in commodity trading, he also helped to establish EDF Trading. He also contributed to the establishment of Chubu Energy Trading (Current JERA Global Markets).