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Our Company / Corporate GovernanceANNEX 1 – Characteristics and Competencies of the Directors

ANNEX 1 – Characteristics and Competencies of the Directors

  1. 1  Personal Characteristics

    Each member of the Board, as a role model for JERA staff, will demonstrate the following personal characteristics:


    As a leader of a growing global energy company, have an energetic mind that is nimble, creative, imaginative and decisive, and be able to accelerate JERA’s growth.


    Have sufficient time available, considering other responsibilities, to dedicate adequate attention to the Board matters to perform at a world-class level.

    Corporate Ethics:

    Have ethical judgment of the highest caliber and a strong sense of responsibility as a role model for JERA. Thoughtful appreciation of JERA’s Corporate Ethics Policy and Corporate Philosophy, and readiness and ability to instill such appreciation in others

    Team player:

    Disposition to prioritize effective teamwork and the ability to propagate such attitude in JERA.

    Orientation toward organizational interests:

    Consistently put organizational interests first. Have the ability to provide appropriate feedback and mentoring, and to cultivate successors.

    Well-balanced nature:

    Be respectful of others and differing views, keen to support and share success with the other Directors, and unafraid to tackle difficult issues head-on and make difficult decisions as needed.

  2. 2  Core Competencies

    The Directors will make collective efforts so that the Board demonstrates the following core competencies.


    Ability to motivate, manage and assist teams to achieve the highest organizational performance, as well as ability to provide leadership in crisis.

    Strategic view:

    Ability to provide strategic views and insights, based on a profound understanding of trends, business opportunities and risks in the global energy industry and of JERA’s Corporate Philosophy.

    Business insight:

    Profound knowledge of and insight into the global energy business and global business practices relevant to JERA’s business and JERA.

    Neutral perspective:

    Conscious of the impact of perception and decision-making biases, and ability to mitigate the effect of such biases.

    Analytical and creative skills:

    Ability to express views clearly and forthrightly, to listen intelligently and take in new and divergent information and opinion, and to synthesize information and views presented to the Board in a manner that is in the best interests of JERA.

    Accounting and Finance:

    Experience with financial accounting, preferably in the global energy industry, and able to be responsible for balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cashflow accounts.