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Our Company / Corporate GovernanceSHAREHOLDERS AND MANAGEMENT


  • 7.1 Shareholders

    1. 7.1.1 Information

      The Board will ensure that the Shareholders are furnished with information that is material to the interests of the Shareholders in accordance with applicable laws and rules.

    2. 7.1.2 General Shareholders Meeting, Agenda, Venue

      The Board will, in compliance with applicable laws and rules, determine the date, venue and agenda of general shareholders meetings. The Board will provide information necessary or requested by the Shareholders to exercise their voting rights in the general shareholders meetings in compliance with applicable laws and rules.

  • 7.2 Management

    1. 7.2.1  Executive Management Meeting

      The Board recognizes the role of the “Executive Management Meeting (EMM)”, which is a forum for advising the President on the execution of the JERA’s business strategy.

    2. 7.2.2 Support

      Directors will support Management as appropriate in engaging and working with JERA’s stakeholders.